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Hello and welcome to my website. I am honoured that you have found me and hope you find something to your liking. I host guests so please get in touch and we’ll have a chat!


taken on by Christine F Anderson Publishing July 2014 and I left January 2016

Echoes‘ awarded Winner of the e-book category in the Paris Book festival May 2013.

‘Echoes’ awarded Honourable Mention in the New England Book festival Dec 2012

‘Echoes‘ awarded a Five star review from Readers Favourite Feb 2013- placing it in the semi-finals in July 2013

‘Echoes‘ awarded an ‘Honourable Mention’ at the London Book festival Dec 2014

It is offline at this time whilst I change the book cover. The book rights have reverted back to me (Jan 2016)


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Freya’s Child

Available now on Smashwords


Freya's Child

 Taken on by Crimson Cloak Publishing April 2015 Released Freya’s Child Feb 2016

Awarded four stars by Readers Favourite September 2014

 5 – is excellent Appearance – 5 Plot – 5

Development – 4 Formatting – 4

Marketability – 4 Overall score – 4

The mystery thriller, Freya’s Child, packs plenty of spine tingling action
into a combination of odd twists as an archaeological dig uncovers more
than just a few old relics. PJ Roscoe has put together a tale that combines
second lives, second sight and nightmares into one as Robert and Helen
not only struggle with a marriage gone sour, but are suddenly in way over
their heads.
PJ Roscoe has written a chilling thriller that will keep you turning pages in
spite of yourself. Freya’s Child draws past and present together in a
conflict of souls that is all too real. PJ does a great job of drawing
parallels between the lives of the Norse individuals of the past and those
who are in the present.

Suspenseful, chilling and probing, Freya’s Child goes beyond just telling a
thrilling story and presenting a mystery to be solved, but also looks
deeper into the troubled souls of individuals seeking all sorts of answers to bring peace

Other reviews found on Amazon/Goodreads continue to be four/five star


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Adventures of Faerie folk

A collection of four enchanting faerie stories for children 4-7 years

Written by


Illustrations by White Marina Art


Won an Honourable Mention in the May 2015 Amsterdam Book festival in the Children’s section

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Adventures of Faerie folk Volume one

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‘Enjoy life, never merely exist …’

P.J Roscoe


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  1. Paula says:

    Changed a bit of the website, so if you haven’t looked around for a while, you might find something interesting. Still getting lots of people registering, but no more comments. Writing is a lonely place – chat to me!

  2. Paula says:

    Still plenty of people registering, but no comments. You do not need me to contact you once registered. So come on people, speak to me!!

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    Still no comments? I think people are having difficulties, so need to address this, though difficult x

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    Hi and thanks Karen, approved and working o.k?! x

  5. Ian Pendragon says:

    I just entered Ian as a user on the site, I think it should work now, call me later xx

  6. penny walder says:

    Hi Paula,
    Just finished reading Echoes. I was very impressed and will be offering it around to my fellow creative writing group members to read here in Aus. Loved the theme and the way it wove seamlessly together. James’ character dripped evil intent. while Andrew is likeable even though his behaviour at times was not and Bronwyns’ incredible strength shines through even at her most weakest moments. A great reading experience. Thank you.

  7. Paula says:

    It seems that it is working so long as I approve it, so everyone, please feel free to leave a comment about this site. Author guest blog will be coming soon x

  8. karenpendragon says:

    I am leaving a comment to see if I can ???

  9. Paula says:

    Wonderful day at Shrewsbury Library on Saturday 20th October – met some lovely people. A huge thank you to Sheena at the library for allowing me the honour of being in such a beautiful setting. x

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