Echoes (The journey of the award-winning book through time)!

Echoes Book Launch  was first launched on September 2012 at Theatre Clwyd, Mold, North Wales. Attended by 24 people and raised money for Cruse Bereavement Care North Wales and Wirral. It was my first time doing a book launch and I was grateful for everyone’s support. I read a piece from the book, answered questions and signed copies, those of which are now rare and limited editions as soon after, I changed the cover and it began winning awards! The stages of Echoes:

cover3 (2) - Copy


This was launched by LULU – I wanted to be clever and use an image that hinted on the story and once read, the reader would understand the image. Also as the book is about acceptance, I hoped the book would be judged on its own merits and not its cover – I was wrong – although saying that I was extremely shy and not confident in my abilities as an author and held a book launch party without any books!!!! As I hated to force people into buying!!



cover3 (3) - Copy
This was the next book I launched at Theatre Clwyd a few years later, taking away the ‘Ruined’ part of the title and leaving it as ‘Echoes’, which worked better for me and I believe the story. Looking back on this I should never have added the blue, but lessons learned! That said, it was this version that won the best e-book category in the Paris book awards in 2013 and was awarded an Honorable mention in the New England book festival 2012 only months after launching – so judges judged the book on its story – not the cover!!





Echoes front cover smashwords


Having spoken with a few people, I decided to try a cover with a bit more information and this was the result! I thank a man called Alex who helped me and although when I compare this cover to others it is not the best, many readers got in touch and told me they really liked it, finding it ‘spooky’! It was this version that was awarded an Honorable mention in the London book festival – so can’t all be bad!



‘Echoes’ was re-launched on the 24th November 2014 by Christine F Anderson publishing. After a couple of false starts, we decided on this cover as it portrays the castle nicely and the eyes draw the reader in. They are NOT my eyes, although strangely, my eye colour is the same – almost!

January 2016 I have left Christine Anderson publishing

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00010]


It was done by a talented lady – Alison Jones who kindly helped me portray ‘Echoes’ in another light.

So, here is the cover with Doce Blant publishing 


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