Healing Cards of the Week

I am a Spiritual Medium.

I was guided towards working with Angel healing cards, a few years ago, to guide both myself and others on the path of life.

It does not tell you your future. Nobody has that right. It is YOUR life – Live it!

I am always surprised by how accurate the cards can be. I have stared with surprise at the cards before me when I have only recently had a conversation regarding a specific problem or need. The Angels and spirit guides are always watching, supporting and caring for us. They want us to be happy, a smile, travels far. 🙂

I will meditate and change the cards


Healing Cards of the Week

Many blessings to you for this coming year of 2022. A powerful number, 222. A time of new beginnings and accessing our own power within ourselves. Hence, your angels guided me to this message.

Last year we offered guidance during a time of transition, now, this year of new beginnings and focusing power on what you truly want and need to create your own life, we are offering two cards per week, to enable you to trust your own instincts and empower yourselves. YOU have the power to transform your own lives. We hope you take this opportunity to learn to trust, focus and transform. Positive thoughts create positive outcomes. Your visualization can become reality if YOU take control.’

And so, I offer two cards – choose whichever one feels ‘right’ for you. Take a long deep breath, close your eyes and allow your mind to calm, your body to relax and listen to your inner voice. Is it card 1 or 2? Trust your decision and read the message. IF both cards feel right, then don’t fight that feeling. Always listen. Always trust.

With Love on your journey

18th January 2022

Look at both cards and take a long deep breath

When Ready Choose which Card resonates with you, before looking to see the card you have chosen.

Now read the message your Angel has given you with the card you chose. Trust that you were meant to read that message. If both cards resonate, then trust you were meant to read both

I read these cards as the sun rises with oranges and dusky pinks on one side of my home and the full Wolf moon setting on the other. A powerful moment indeed

Card 1


I am feeling a conflict within you as I hold this card. Your throat chakra is not as strong and open as you would like, or believe. You are not speaking your full truth to yourself, and although you know in your heart you must, something is holding you back from speaking your full potential. What is it?

When you speak your full truth, you are giving yourself permission to step fully into your life purpose. You are also giving others permission to find their courage and speak their own truths trusting the angels have their backs and allowing their paths to unfold, as yours will when you trust yourself, and your guides.

I feel an important conversation needs to be had, whether that’s to yourself, or to others, but it must be spoken, otherwise it festers inside you and your angels want you to embrace happiness and freedom and the joy of living.

With Love x

Card 2


‘You strive for harmony, yet harmony cannot come until you have found peace within your soul. ‘

I feel a conflict within you and it hurts. It is stopping you from reaching your full potential. It feels as if ‘harmony’ is within reach, yet, you ‘give up’ and talk yourself out of it. Why? Are you not worth it?

Your angels are asking you to talk with them, about everything, but especially about your feelings surrounding yourself. When you realise you are just as important as the next person, and you ARE beautiful, then you will turn that corner and trust to move ahead in your life, enjoying all that you deserve to have. Negative words/thoughts/feelings, hold you back. Find ways to release these chains, and be free to embrace life.

With so much Love XXX

11th January 2022

Card 1 or Card 2…Or both?

Card 1

Truth & Integrity

You angels are here to help you through some hard truths that you will need to face. They never judge or blame, however, they are asking you to look inside yourself and ask, ‘Have I been myself? My true self? Can I look at myself with full knowledge that I am a moral person?’

Truth is a releaser. It will ‘set you free’ and from this you can move forward and be the person you know in your soul, you truly are. The road may not be an easy one, but your angels will never leave you and are there for you when you ask. Free will on your part stops them from ‘interfering’, it is for you to find your courage and know when assistance is required.

But know this. YOU are loved beyond measure, beyond time, beyond any limitations you, as humans, place on yourselves. We are here, always, from the moment before you are born, to the time you return. YOU chose this life and its lessons. So open your eyes, your heart, your soul, and learn.

With so much Love

Card 2

Talk to Your Angels

Worrying is pointless, though your angels know it is something humans do, almost automatically – but it wastes time and energy. Share the load. Talk to us. We are always there, listening, guiding, supporting, and you can talk to us about absolutely anything.

We do NOT judge you. You seem to do that all by yourself, which brings us so much grief as it helps nobody but lowers your vibrations.

Instead of worrying about a situation, ask for our help. We cannot intervene without it, as you have free will, and sometimes, you need to experience the worst, to really ‘see’ the amazing. However, we will help where we can and make the experience ‘easier’ to learn from.

We are everywhere. Talk to us out loud, pretend we are seated opposite (Most likely we are) or within your mind whilst walking in nature, sitting beneath a tree, anything where you feel a greater connection with the divine. Don’t wait for an emergency either, talk to us about everything, even if you believe it to be minimal. It is in your life, hence it can never be negligible. When you finally realise that everything you do is important, is amazing, is magical, then you realise how wonderful you truly are.

With so much Love

Be Honest and let the cards speak to you

With so much Love & Blessings to you

4th January 2022

Is it Card 1 or Card 2…?

Relax, allow yourself to trust your instincts.

Card 1


When holding this card I feel a sense of longing, a sadness of a caged bird, to be free. But here’s the thing, you were never a prisoner except of your own making. YOU have full control over your own life. YOU decide your own limits.

I can almost feel the recoil of, ‘No I don’t! I don’t have the money, the resources, the freedom, I have responsibilities, I can’t do what I want because…’

There are always ways of being free, you just have to let go of your own limitations and find a way. Even prisoners have the freedom of their thoughts and feelings to take them wherever they may wish to go.

Old programming has determined that travel involves money, time and effort, but even a simple walk with a picnic can be fun and bring a sense of freedom from every day life. If you feel you can’t leave your home, turn your lounge/bedroom/kitchen/whatever room into something else – a rooms of tents/blankets/change it around to create new unhindered energy – the point is, you are never a prisoner, unless YOU choose to be.  Be free and embrace new possibilities.

Card 2

Time to Decide

I feel as if something has been put on hold for a while when holding this card. It is now that time to decide if you wish to move forward, or not. It is fear that holds us back from living the life we desire. We create obstacles, when there are none, unless YOU choose to have them. On a subconscious level, we welcome obstacles as it gives us the excuse to give in to our fears.

It is time to decide if you want to truly live, or merely exist.

I also hear the word, ‘job’ when I hold this card. Now is the time to move forward and be happy in your life, this includes your job/work, after all, it is where most of us are for most of the time, which is not how people were meant to enjoy life, but now, sadly, the world has made it a necessity…For now?

As I typed the above, your angels let me know to type that, your ‘job’ must never be the be all and end all. It is a job, nothing more.

Oh I can hear the backlash of saying such a thing, but if you stop to truly think about it, life is to be lived, enjoyed, explored, not stuck in a job that brings you nothing but misery. You are more important than that. Find ways of making your life better. Re-train. Look for ways to make your job more interesting. Open up to your employer, if you have good ideas, share them. Don’t ever think you are so unworthy of life that you should never speak up, or change your work, your direction. Fear holds you back from truly living, so face it, realise you are a beautiful human being, and move forward in your life and embrace ALL possibilities.

With Love & Blessings )O(