Healing Card of the Week

I am also a Spiritual Medium. Connecting with Angels and Spirits from an early age. For over twenty years I have had the honour of being asked to haunted locations to firstly, find out what is haunting the property and secondly, to counsel and help the spirit find peace on their journey.

I believe that people have the answers within them. The Angels and guides use me and the cards to help you see what you know in your heart.

I was guided towards Angel healing cards, which I use frequently to guide both myself and others on the path of life, allowing insight into a problem, or opening the heart to an emotional blockage, the mind to a mental issue and so much more.

It does not tell you your future. Nobody has that right. It is YOUR life – Live it!

I am always surprised by how accurate the cards can be. I have stared with surprise at the cards before me when I have only recently had a conversation regarding a specific problem or need. The Angels and spirit guides are always watching, supporting and caring for us. They want us to be happy, a smile, travels far. 🙂

I will meditate and change the card if necessary


3rd August 2021


The ‘Builder’ has come around again – what can we make of this message? Since it came up for you back in March, a lot has come up in life, a lot has changed, so much has been forced into the light and now perhaps your awakening is a little further down the road? Or are you still fearful of embracing life completely? Is that why the card came up again – a reminder?

I asked if I should change the message – if there was anything new to add, but no.

‘The message is clear for those ready to take that step. If they are not, new words have no meaning…Yet.’


It might feel as if you have lost everything, but look at it this way – to lose a little, means you have room for something else, something better if you want it. Sometimes we need to lose, in order to gain. If we have been existing in life, our path feeling unfulfilling, yet we persist because of fear of change or ‘rocking the boat’ or any other excuse you have thought up. Sometimes, the universe will intervene, rock the boat for you, shake you up a bit and give you the option to build a better life, NOT another existence. To truly live, you must first, live. Are you finding that you haven’t embraced life as you might have done and this recent shake up to your life has opened your eyes?

Yes, it can be scary. Yes, it may not work out exactly as you wish, but how will you know until you try? You can build a life you desire and deserve, if you take hold of the reins instead of allowing others to lead you. When you achieve something, remember how that feels. It feels great, doesn’t it? YOU did that! YOU made that happen. YOU took that decision and took control of your life. YOU.

The angels are asking me to remind you to look at how far you have come. How many crossroads have there been throughout your life and you made a decision which eventually got you here. Now, take the time to visualise the life you want. See it fully. Believe it. Know you deserve it. Now, build a map to how you can get there. See each decision. See each goal reached. You are building your future. Now go and do it. Enjoy. 🙂

I’m being told about relationships. Perhaps certain friendships or family bonds have been broken this last year. If it feels right, build them back up. You will know in your heart whether they are worth it or not. Sadly, some may not be, and that is part of life. They came into your life for a reason, send them gratitude and learn from it. Concentrate on building up the bonds that help you, nurture you, and support you. Remember, you’re building your future, not going backwards. Find your inner strength and build a new you.

With Love and Blessings )O(

27th July 2021

Career Change

Career Changes

Many of you are embarking on a change in your working environment. Many have been thrown into a worrying world as you step into an unknown journey, as jobs begin to decline and change is necessary. Many have chosen to change their livelihoods and are using the recent circumstances to take that plunge into the unknown.

Your angels know it is easy to say, but here it is – go unafraid, walk forward into new territory with confidence that all is how it should be. Walk into your life, a new job, a new career, a new way of life with grace and joy, knowing this is learning, it is experience, it is knowledge.

Yes, there may be situations that are bringing with them an array of ‘negative emotions’. Your angels are asking you to breathe with these emotions, let them come, work with them, use them, embrace them – don’t deny them, these feelings bring strength – there is power in vulnerability (I learned this lately within a beautiful healing festival and sisters tent)

The job/career/life choice right now, may not be what you expected, but it is what you need. Remember, you chose this life, this experience before you were born, embrace it, find the love, find the joy, find the way forward, using what you learn to create the life you deserve to have.

So many times the angels hear ‘I wish I had…’ ‘I wish I could…’ ‘Why can they live like that but I can’t…’ and so many more ‘wishful thinking’. IF YOU CAN WISH IT/THINK IT – YOU CAN CREATE IT.

Your angels are hearing you question your job, your career, and hear your sorrow, your regret, your pain as you felt pushed into behaving in ways you never thought possible. Ways against other humans that are abhorrent to you, but you felt you had no choice.

You ALWAYS have choice.

We think that we ‘have’ to do something to ‘keep our jobs’, but that feels heavy on your hearts and that is not the way to move forward in love and life. If something does not feel ‘right’ – STOP. Remember – YOU are a sovereign being. YOU have the right to live free of hate and anger and coercion and threats against YOUR body. You will not be alone. Use your gifts. Use your knowledge. Change your life. Once you move away from the dark energy, you will find so many people there in the light to help and support you to find truth and justice for yourself, but also, for all.

Step into the light.

With love and Blessings )O(

I did not feel compelled to change the Angel card 20th July – People still Needed SUPPORT

13th July 2021



Your angels are letting you know that you have their support in all your decisions; but they cannot make those decisions for you. You have always had free will.

Your angels are aware that there is so much tension, stress and many negative emotions around right now. It can feel as if it is everywhere you turn – so stop looking! Switch off the news, turn off social media, distance yourself from people who drain your energy and find your own path, energise your soul, with all things that you enjoy doing, and this will ignite powerful healing within you, attracting the kind of people who awaken your energy, creating happiness, joy, kindness, compassion and life.

Your angels are aware that you have made some choices in life that are not to your benefit. You felt coerced, bullied, and felt there was nothing you could have done differently – there is no point dwelling on those decisions now, it is done. Now you need to focus loving energy onto yourself to heal your mind, body and spirit, to combat any unpleasant choices and move forward. Take back control of your body and your life. It is never too late. If you know you have harmed your body, research what could help raise its vibration, help it heal, if it is your mind that you have allowed to be filled with negativity and fear, do all of the above – switch off the source of this information and re-connect to nature, friends, family and self.

When holding this card for the last time, I hear ‘Choices are not always easy – forget everyone else, listen to your gut, your inner voice.’

Wise words indeed 🙂

Whatever you choose, your angels will never judge you, and they will only support you if you ask. They know there are many who need this support right now…So what are you waiting for?

With Love & Blessings )O(

6th July 2021


Okay, so, as you may know I am an author, and seeing this card made me smile, ‘What, am I supposed to tell them to buy my books and it will make them feel better?’

Not quite’ was the reply, spoken in a tone that said, ‘I know you’re kidding, but let’s get serious…’

So, when holding this card, I hear the words, ‘Immerse yourself in literature, you will learn more within those pages, than anything you can imagine on the television.’

Oh I know, I can hear the cry go up, ‘BUT they put a lot of books onto the screen…’

But you’re missing the point.

Books can give you knowledge, that raises your vibration as you gain more knowledge, help you become confident to live your life, learn the true histories of man and realise that some must never be repeated, learn new languages, learn new skills, the point is, books have such a variety of worlds within the pages, be it non-fiction or fiction, you can immerse yourself within those pages and drown out the negative voices, the negative vibrations, the negative news pumped out every single moment, the negative energy of others, the negative outcomes, and learn to be your true self, with confidence and grace.

Your angels are aware of how much negativity there is around everyone, regardless of what you believe, the tension and stress are palpable for all who are enduring it; so don’t. Relax and find a new hobby, a new interest, a new author…? Re-create your life and try a new path. Have you ever wondered why people love fantasy books so much? Find out. Have you ever wanted to learn about fauna and flora? Find out. Ever wanted to learn Japanese? Learn. Ever wanted to learn how to plant and grow potatoes? Learn (I’m doing this!)

Your life does not have to revolve around a box in the corner of your rooms, or staring at a small screen on your phones, or I-pads, there is so much more. There are libraries filled to the brim with knowledge, waiting for you to delve inside those pages, and change your life, for the better.

I am also being asked to say that words have power. Words can harm or heal, terrify or calm. Be aware of the words you hear and speak. There are so many negative words being used to manipulate, scare, harm, please be mindful of these and your reaction. Ask yourself how it would feel to speak and hear words of love, encouragement, support, kindness – which would you prefer? Adding to the negativity, or offering a kind word to those who need to hear it?

With love & Blessings )O(

29th June 2021