Healing Card of the Week

As well as an author, narrator and Voice Actress, I am also a Spiritual Medium. I have connected with Angels and Spirits from an early age. I have had the honour of being asked to an array of haunted locations to firstly, find out what is haunting the property and secondly, to counsel and help the spirit find peace on his or her journey. I have spoken with so many people who have needed guidance and I believe that people have the answers within them. The Angels and guides use me and the cards to help you see what you know in your heart.

During my journey I was guided towards Angel healing cards, which I use frequently to guide both myself and others on the path of life, allowing insight into a problem, or opening the heart to an emotional blockage, the mind to a mental issue and so much more.

I am always surprised by how accurate the cards can be. I have stared with surprise at the cards before me when I have only recently had a conversation regarding a specific problem or need. The Angels and spirit guides are always watching, supporting and caring for us. They want us to be happy, as happiness spreads happiness, a smile, travels far. 🙂

I believe the people who NEED to SEE this Healing card will find it at the right time.

I will meditate and change the card if necessary EVERY TUESDAY

22nd June 2021



Your angels are aware that right now, many are demanding justice for the past 18 months of their life, with jobs lost, homes lost, people dying from all dis-ease, including Suicide, Cancer, and Heart disease. Loved ones have died ‘alone’ in care homes, access denied to them. Loved ones have died at home ‘alone’ with a variety of illnesses, their family/friends too afraid of ‘rules’ to be with them. Many friendships have been lost. Many families have been torn apart.

Your angels are trying to reassure you of two things.

Your loved ones were never ‘alone’. You may not have had the chance of being with them, but please be assured, they were never alone, and at the end of this journey, they knew it.

Justice will be swift. But perhaps not how you expect.

Your angels are aware of the anger, frustration, the horror of knowing the agenda, and the despair of those beings who are much further down their awakening path, watching billions walk blindly onward; to not give in to such negative emotions. Yes, it is awful watching loved ones accept this regime against civilization, but it is NOT for you to ‘save’ them. THEY chose this learning before they were born into this body, to experience this, as you chose to experience your own education.

There is a deep awakening. All who chose to, can sense it. THIS is the justice.

Your angels are asking you to notice how strangers are coming together, and how many ‘know’ each other. Notice how many people are learning their human rights that they have never bothered to understand before. Notice how people are using their power to say, ‘NO’. Notice how strangers are supporting each other, with hugs, words and action. Notice how much love and connection there is.

Having accepted so much throughout most of their lives; people have felt a deep stirring within their soul, and have acted upon it. This is Justice. The people are waking up, using their gifts to heal, to teach, to demand truth, to demand righteousness for all, not just the few. The darkness that has kept people in the shadowy depression, offering nothing more than negative news, negative programming, negative restrictions of life, is frightened, their power is weakening over people.

That will be your justice.

The type of justice you seek is old programming. Your angels are hearing you when you speak of ‘bring back hanging’ and ‘we need them in handcuffs, on trial etc’, and they understand you want swift action against those who have oppressed the world. You all came here to learn experiences, emotions, behaviour in human form. So, imagine this.

Two angels are talking about what experiences they’d like to feel deeply. ‘I’d like to understand and learn about hatred.’ So, the other, full of love for his fellow angel says, ‘Okay, I shall become a human that all with despise, because I love you.’

One became Hitler, the other, a Jew.

Consider this story. It changes perspective.

LIVE your life, completely and with joy – THAT is Justice

With Love & Blessings of Summer Solstice to you all )O(

15th June 2021



Your Angels want you to know you are loved and protected as you move through your journey. They know you are feeling insecure, frightened, forgotten, unloved, and all the negative emotions that come with that – Angry, fearful, frustrated, despair, but be assured, you are not alone.

You are moving through a new phase in your life; remember, the choices you make are what you asked to learn before coming into this body, in this lifetime. Allow yourself to truly feel the emotions, and then allow yourself to work through them, and then allow yourself to release them.

You are Never alone.

Right now, your angels are aware that you do not feel this to be true; so ask yourself – why am I feeling alone? Could it be I am so full of anger and hate right now that I can’t acknowledge the love and calm being sent to me? Could it be I am full of frustration and despair that I am not allowing myself to truly feel the care and support that surrounds me? When you put up barriers, it is difficult to see or feel anything beyond them.

Your angels are asking you, when ready to release negative emotions, to sit quietly, focus on your breath, take time to release tension, and see how you feel.

Regardless of whether or not you do these actions, your angels will never leave you and never abandon you, never judge you, because you could never do anything to make them do that. They see you for who you truly are, a beautiful, loving, spiritual being, who wanted a human experience.

Your angels know life is feeling really difficult and you are considering changing career, so what is stopping you? Fear? Anxiety? Excuses? You have choices, and life will not end if one choice turns out to be nothing as you planned, it will only change – it is ALL learning. So take a breath, relax your mind, body and spirit, and listen to your instincts and your guiding angels, who can help you, if you allow them too.

With Love & Blessings )O(

1st June 2021



We have another repeat! You aren’t listening??? 🙂

Your angels are asking you to remember how life felt as a child. Was it fun? Free? Did you play unconditionally? Freely, without fear or embarrassment? Without prejudice or boundaries – you just played, enjoyed life, accepted it, loved it, embraced it and saw wonder and magic in everything around you.

What changed?

Life is meant to be enjoyed, embraced, loved – not hindered, not controlled, never forbidden. Life is for living, accepting all adventures and finding the joy, learning the lesson and moving onto the next journey.

It is too easy in adult life to forget our inner child. It is easy to forget they need attention, otherwise life becomes nothing more than a drudge, a boring every day existence that brings nothing but despair. As adults we can feel embarrassed to behave playful, society deems it, ‘childish’, ‘silly’ ‘unacceptable behaviour for an adult’. What tosh!

Who decided play was not acceptable? Who decided being happy and embracing life was childish? Who decided that laughing, going on adventures and truly living was not adult behaviour?

Your angels are inviting you to release your chains. Unlock that lock you have put around yourself and be free to do whatever it is you have always wanted to do, to try, to experience, just do it! Nothing can stop you, except YOU. Nobody has any power over you, except what YOU give them. Nobody can dictate YOUR life. Who cares if people roll their eyes and tut, or criticize, it is only because they wish they had the courage to live their own life. By seeing you live yours, and it may trigger something deep within them and they find their own adventure?

Remember, energy moves between people very quickly. Watch how a smile moves down a busy road. Watch how one good deed, has a knock on effect to all those involved in the line. So, people seeing you enjoying life, you have a high energy, this affects all those around you.

So, go out there, by playful, smile, laugh, raise your energy and enjoy J

With Love & Blessings )O(