Healing Card of the Week

13th April 2021



The messages I’m hearing are very similar to what I had previously, a couple of weeks ago. ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ Literally.

We must forgive those who are moving through their life in a zombie fashion, wearing masks to hide their face and stop their oxygen intake, muttering under their breath, glaring at those who refuse to wear an oppressive mask, holding out their arm in submission for an injection they know does nothing, but they cannot help themselves. They are literally slaves to their low frequency, it is not their fault.

I am hearing more and more, ‘It is their fault we are still in this dystopian lockdown, if they stopped being so submissive and stood up with us and said, ‘NO’, it would all be over and life could return to normal.’ But this isn’t true is it? Nothing can ever be ‘normal’ again, and would it be right to return to such a time, having learned all that we have this last year?

We are all here for reasons many have not fathomed. Have you considered they, the compliant, are here to help you raise your frequency? Look at yourself. Are you the same being from a year ago? Six months ago? Yesterday? I’ll bet you aren’t. You have more knowledge of your rights as a human being. You have more strength to be the person you wish to be. You have more courage to do whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do. I am hearing a lot of people talking of moving ‘off grid’, having a more fulfilled life, and living with like-minded people. Would you have had the courage to change your ‘normal life’ if this had not continued?

I have just listened to an ex-police-officer talking about our rights and how the police are sickened by what they are being forced to do on the people. We know it is orders coming from higher up and the police uniform is now one many people feel hatred and fear towards instead of calm and safe.

Forgive them.

Many police officers know what they are being ordered to do is wrong and unlawful. They are scared and confused too. They know they made an oath to the queen, but the unlawful orders are coming from the government who have no powers to take away our human rights.

Forgive them.

They are human beings too, and everyone needs to support each other, regardless on which path they have chosen to walk. The compliant that walk through life existing in fear, to the police officer who is just trying to get through the day to get home to their family, to the protestor who is angry and can’t think straight, to the awakened who are building in numbers as like-minded souls are finding each other and supporting their businesses etc.

Forgive yourself

It’s okay. It’s your life. Either live it, or exist in it. It is your choice and find happiness in your decision.

When I hold this card again, I feel a deep sense of guilt. Let go of that. It isn’t worth holding onto and will drag you down. You have moved forward from that low frequency. Now embrace the next step in your journey, whether it’s ‘seeing the truth’ for the first time’, or ‘forgiving yourself for taking the injection’ or ‘hurling verbal abuse at a police officer’ It is done. Recognise the feelings it has brought up and release them. And LIVE.

Many blessings to you )O(