Healing Card of the Week

6th April 2021


When I hold this card, I hear the words, ‘I am hearing a lot of concern and fear for the children…’

Followed by, ‘You don’t give them much credit…’

Of course we fear for our children. We worry about the environment, especially what is happening around them right now. We fret about their future, what lives they will have, what problems, what rights, what freedoms they will enjoy, or not. As parents we worry about what people they will encounter in their life, good and bad. We worry about their health, mental, emotional and physical, knowing a lot of what we do as parents, influences all of that, and I am sensing a lot of parents are judging themselves very harshly right now, and are being judged.

I sense a lot of fear and a constant stream of questioning themselves on what is right or wrong.

But in the midst of all of this, I hear the words, ‘You forget that your child is a strong, individual spirit and we are all here to learn.’

Before you became ‘you’, you decided to choose a life’s path, full of various lessons to learn and experiences to feel. You chose to be the parent, or child, this time around. Within you is that consciousness, so trust that you are doing what was asked of you, which I know can seem extremely difficult to believe, and accept.

I am being asked to remind you that you are never alone. And many are feeling as if this is true, but you’re always surrounded by guides and angels and loved ones, so talk to them, as if they are in the room, out loud or in your head, (I prefer out loud) and tell them everything, how you feel, what’s going on, don’t leave anything out and ask for help. Then watch for signs, be aware of your thoughts and ideas and follow your instincts. Angels are not religious. They are spiritual beings, who work with a universal love and energy, so don’t worry if you aren’t part of a man made belief system, angels are here for everyone.

Talk to your children. Spend as much time as you can manage with your children, quality not quantity matters, remember. (Spending time on you is just as important) Have fun with your children. Find your inner child. Showing children they are truly loved, and that we, as adults, have fun and enjoy life, is a remarkable gift to show them. Life isn’t all misery and doom and gloom. Life is for living, so help them, live it.

Love and Blessings )O(