Healing Card of the Week


30th March 2021


When I chose this card, I burst into tears. I felt such a rush of emotion, and still do as I am typing. I am struggling to forgive right now, the millions of people who are allowing this abhorrent behaviour to continue. I am struggling to forgive those in power who are using a virus which we have every year and lies and propaganda to harm every person on this planet.  I am struggling to forgive my family and friends who have abandoned me, treating me like I have the plague, as they scurry to hide back in their homes until this corrupt government ‘allows’ them out again.

I am feeling this everywhere I go, either in person or on-line, as millions of people are waking up to this appalling agenda against humanity, and the millions who haven’t questioned it or researched it, but blindly lead their children into the horror of compliance without questioning, why? I see and feel the divide which the people in power have encouraged for their own gratification, and I feel how it is affecting so many people. As any empath with tell you who is picking up on the whirlwind of energy right now, it is very difficult.

As I hold the card again, I hear the words, ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do…

Now, I know these are the words of ‘Jesus’ and I am sitting here dumbstruck, as I am not a Christian, so when I hear from him, I am always shocked! but those words are very powerful, regardless of where they came from.

As I pick up the card again, I am hearing the words, ‘Show kindness, because you do not know what is actually happening behind the mask. (face)’ Which I thought very poignant and perfect words. I’m sure you’ve heard the words before, ‘Be kind, you don’t know what people are going through.’ And this is true, now more than ever. We don’t know. The doctor who is injecting the experimental drug may be heartbroken but needs his job? The nurse who contacts you to arrange your jab, may be feeling wretched for doing it, but needs to feed her family with the pittance she earns. The police who tell you to go home at a protest, may go home themselves and cry bitterly, because they hate going against their oath, but their ‘boss’ is forcing them to break their oath or lose their job. The person in the car, alone, wearing a mask, may be feeling sad and vulnerable, along with the shoppers who stare at you over the rim of their masks, wishing they had the courage to take off their masks and breathe deeply the fresh air of freedom, but they feel isolated, lonely and terrified of retribution from other shoppers or the store.

I hear the words, ‘Remember, human beings follow other human beings to believe they are safe.’ Which reminds me of the human behaviour videos on YouTube, which are worth watching and you may see something that you can relate to and change if you feel inclined? Human beings have always followed each other, we are tribal. As cave dwellers we stayed together so we weren’t eaten. Many still have that instinct it seems.

So, forgive the behaviours you see which seem ‘odd’ to you. We are each on our own journey of discovery and many will not raise their vibration to be free, many will prefer the boundaries of servitude to live in the belief of safety. But here’s the thing, life is not and never has been, ‘safe’. Death and illness is not new and will never ‘disappear’. Try to forgive those who are living in fear, they cannot ‘see’ the freedom they are giving away, they only see those who are not obedient as ‘the enemy’.

It is a difficult path to forgive, and it is a powerful healing card and message. I am feeling it deeply right now, and if you find this message, ask yourself, ‘what am I really feeling? How can I heal?’ I shall be doing the same.

With love and blessings )O(