Healing Card of the Week

23rd March 2021



When I hold this card, I feel a sense of conflict. I sense you are retreating into yourself, which on the one hand, is not always a bad thing to do, sometimes it is necessary, self preservation and a need for solace, however, on the other hand, you can retreat ‘too far’ within yourself, closing yourself off from others and going too deeply inward. So let’s address this.

To retreat inward, to feel a sense of calmness, silence, meditation and taking time to find one’s self, is a wonderful experience and should you be doing this and it is bringing with it feelings of joy and happiness and a serene mind, then all well and good.

But if you find you are experiencing feelings of loneliness, despair, anger, frustration because you feel this retreating inward has been done ‘to you’ and you have not chosen that path, then the angels are asking you to voice this negative reaction. Do not remain silent. Do not remain lonely. Reach out, whether it is online, telephone or in person. Do not wallow in these feelings, which will only lead you further down a dark path. Remember, YOU have the power to change YOUR world.

I also sense that for many it is about retreating from a situation which is causing you to feel negative emotions. If you feel you are banging your head against a brick wall, (Not literally I hope?) then walk away. Whatever or whoever is not ready to listen or learn, so leave it. Retreat is not losing, it is knowing when a situation is pointless in aiding to keep your own vibrations high, and that is very important. If your frequency is high, it will attract those who have the same frequency which is wonderful, and, it may catch the attention of those you were trying to reach – or not. A high frequency can attract what you were hoping to achieve in the first place! Or not, if it is not in your best interests…

When I hold this card I am also seeing sunshine, and I can smell warm air, trees, and blossoms. If you can, retreat to a place which has all that you need to heal your mind, body and soul, whether it is another country, another location within your country, or even sitting in your garden. Retreat into nature. Feel all the elements on your skin. The fire of the sun on your skin, the earth beneath your feet, the water of a sea, river or lake and the fresh air in your lungs.

Find your inner retreat. Your perfect place within meditation if none of these are do-able for you right now. Find that place within that encompasses all of this and which is your place alone.

Enjoy. Live. Love

Many blessings )O(