Healing Card of the Week

16th March 2021


Now, when I pulled this card, I must admit, I recoiled as I saw the picture. Those who know me will understand my strong feelings against masks (Muzzles used to oppress women and slaves throughout history and are now being used against the human race.) I sat for a moment debating the card, and questioning whether I had been right to choose this randomly. But, I trust the angels and spirit guides, so despite my horror on seeing this masked ‘healer’ I shall proceed and see where this journey takes me.

‘We ALL have the ability to heal’ is what I hear most clearly.

I know that this world is divided and it is an awful time to see friends and family torn apart because of various beliefs regarding the last year and it may seem cruel and hurtful, but the angels are asking you to take a step back and look at the situation completely.

Regardless of what you believe, how have you changed in the last year? Has it made you really look at yourself? Has it made you take stock of what is important and what you must let go to move forward in life? Yes, that might include ‘friends and family’ but be honest with yourself, how do you truly feel now that they are no longer with you? Lighter? Free? Angry? Upset? See each of these as gifts. Gifts of awareness so you can address each feeling and heal.

This last year has shown many people what is important and essential. Who is important and necessary in their lives? People are realising their frequency is rising as they become more and more aware of their surroundings and what is actually happening. They feel free regardless of the lockdowns. They feel happy regardless of the situations around them. They are embracing life and finding the joy within all current circumstances. Many will not understand this. Many will challenge this. Many will criticize this, because they cannot achieve this higher frequency from their limited belief. And that is okay. It is not a competition. It is each person’s journey, so the angels are asking you not to ‘save people’. Send them love, healing energy and kindness and compassion, but if they wish to be saved, they will find their own path.

Heal yourself. Keep your mind, body and spirit happy, healthy and loving. Keep your frequency high with happy exercise, (doing what you love e.g. walking in nature, dancing madly around your room or outside, Zumba etc) Eat healthy food, and enjoy a treat, hug every day, even if it is yourself, or your pet, smile, speak kind words to yourself (positive affirmations) and anything else which brings you joy.

I feel a strong sense of people wanting to heal those who are getting the injections, wearing masks etc, but you can’t, you become the dictator and that comes from ego. Let them know you are there for them if they need you, but concentrate on your own vibration; that attracts others to you more, than words can ever do. The same high frequency attracts the same high frequency. I am hearing of more and more like-minded awoken people meeting, coming together and smiling, sharing the horror of the last year and embracing new friendships. This is Healing.

Holding the card one last time, I hear my angel say to me, ‘You see this picture and recoil, but it is only this last year which has created this reaction. See it for what it is. A necessity for surgeons and doctors. And used in the correct way for the right reasons, is vital.’

A lesson for me I think!

Love and Blessings