Healing Card of the Week

9th March 2021

Surrender & Release

When I hold this card, which, by the way, literally ‘shot’ out of the pack!! I see the words ‘fighting their own demons’. I see people’s faces and anguish and terror written all over them.


The angels are asking you to just stop fighting a battle you cannot win. The more you fight, the more energy you are wasting as you give the negative more of your own power which then becomes a vicious circle and a waste of your time.

Take a step back. Take long deep breathes and clear your aura. Ask that the negative energy which surrounds you be lifted with each breath and ‘feel lighter’. Now, do something that brings you joy and lifts your mood, be it walking in nature, baking a cake for yourself and a neighbour/friend, chatting with a friend/family member, singing, dancing – anything which brings a smile to your face and a lift in your soul.

It is easy to get lost in the fight, but all this does is lower your energy, creating an easier target for ill health, mental illness and depression. Life does not have to be a battle. If we step away and try to look at a situation from another angle, you might see an easier way to deal with something, or perhaps realise, you do not need to fight at all, but walk away, head held high, knowing you are in the right and that is enough.

I see a lot of battles going on and I feel anger, resentment, frustration and so much more right now when holding this card. Believe that it will be sorted. Believe that it will work itself out. Believe that it will come right one way or another. Give energy to this belief as this is more powerful. When you focus energy on a positive outcome, amazing things can happen. You must have noticed this in your life. You want something to happen. You believe that something will happen. You see that something happening. It happens. Not always quite as you expect, because we as humans do tend to add too much flourish to a simple situation!!! But the loving universe and angels know what needs to happen in that situation and make it so. Believe that they want you to be happy and at peace, but we allow negative situations to rule our hearts and we lose our way.

Sometimes negative things need to happen in order for us to wake up, shake us up, see our life as it is and change it if we’re not happy about it. Talk to your angels. Tell them everything and ask for guidance, protection and help. Let them help you, because if you don’t ask…

Many blessings to you )O(