Healing Card of the Week

2nd March 2021


It might feel as if you have lost everything, but look at it this way – to lose a little, means you have room for something else, something better if you want it. Sometimes we need to lose, in order to gain. If we have been existing in life, our path feeling unfulfilling, yet we persist because of fear of change or ‘rocking the boat’ or any other excuse you have thought up, sometimes, the universe will intervene, rock the boat for you, shake you up a bit and give you the option to build a better life, NOT another existence. To truly live, you must first, live. Are you finding that you haven’t embraced life as you should have done and this recent shake up to your life has opened your eyes?

Yes, it can be scary. Yes, it may not work out exactly as you wish, but how will you know until you try? You can build a life you desire and deserve, if you take hold of the reins instead of allowing others to lead you. When you achieve something, remember how that feels. It feels great, doesn’t it? YOU did that! YOU made that happen. YOU took that decision and took control of your life. YOU.

The angels are asking me to remind you to look at how far you have come. How many crossroads have there been throughout your life and you made a decision which eventually got you here. Now, take the time to visualise the life you want. See it fully. Believe it. Know you deserve it. Now, build a map to how you can get there. See each decision. See each goal reached. You are building your future. Now go and do it. Enjoy. J

I’m being told about relationships. Perhaps certain friendships or family bonds have been broken this last year. If it feels right, build them back up. You will know in your heart whether they are worth it or not. Sadly, some may not be, and that is part of life. Concentrate on building up the bonds that help you, nurture you, and support you. Remember, you’re building your future, not going backwards. Find your inner strength and build a new you.

Many Blessings )O(