Healing Card of the Week

16th February 2021


Music raises your vibration, music releases emotion. Music releases tension, brings a smile to your face, makes you feel sensations, brings memory, makes you feel ‘good’ – hence raising vibration!

Your angels are reminding you to listen to your favourite music. Dance. Sing. Truly ‘feel’ and don’t be afraid to really embrace those emotions that the song may release. They know you are holding onto your feelings tightly, and it is not making you happy to do so. They know you feel fear, frustration, anger, resentment, sadness, depression, and so much more, but they are not healthy emotions to feel. It is okay to feel them, but at some point, you must release them. Feel the sadness. Feel the melancholy. Feel the true sorrow that a piece of music or a song invokes, and then let it go. It is a wonderful feeling to ‘have a good cry’.

Music has a way of doing this for us. Hear something you haven’t heard for a very long time, and a rush of memories come in and we ‘feel’. I sense you are suppressing this for some reason. Are you afraid to remember the ‘good ole’ times?’ Don’t be. It is remembering and deciding to return to these ‘good ole’ days’ that will bring you forward in your journey.

You may have had time on your hands and wanted to learn to play an instrument, then do it. Embrace the challenge – what is stopping you? Only you have the power to steer your life, nobody else does, even if you feel powerless right now, it is a lie, do not consider for one moment, anyone has the right to dictate your life. The angels are asking you to live it, fully, and learn.

Listen to music every day. Sing every day. Dance every day. All of these actions, have a positive reaction to your mind, body and spirit. They LIFT you up, raise your frequency and it gives you a higher perspective on life. Once you raise yourself up, you ‘see’ everything, and you feel no need to return to a lower vibration.

So, listen to that song that makes you cry and rejoice and give thanks that you can hear it and feel those emotions. Listen to that song that makes you remember childhood memories and family life. Listen to that song that makes you want to put it on loud and sing with all your heart. Dance to that music that you know you want to but ‘what if someone is watching…?’ Dance while your walking your dog. Dance ‘carefully’ in your car waiting at traffic lights. Dance with your family and friends and smile and laugh and enjoy being alive.

The angels are also reminding me that you will hear songs that have words that resonate with you at this time. It is them, trying to reach you. So listen to those words and embrace them, know that you are always loved and protected, and the angels will reach you, any way they can. (This happens to me all the time! Have a conversation, talk about something specific – Bang, next song I hear, answer to my question etc!!)

With Love & Blessings )O(