Healing Card of the Week

2nd February 2021 Imbolc


When I hold this card I see the word – Re-learning, very clearly. I ask what it means for those who need to see this card and am told, ‘it is never too late to learn.’

Our learning begins at infancy and many believe ‘I can’t change now it’s ingrained in me.’ But the angels are letting you know, that isn’t true. As human beings you have the capacity to change, to learn different things all the time, to un-learn something that isn’t working for you or making you happy, to learning what will make you smile and feel joy every day.

The angels hear every day excuses like, ‘I’m too old to change my ways’, or ‘I’ve done this job too long now to find something else,’ or ‘I was trained as —- how can I ever be anything else now…?’ And so many other excuses to not live the life you were meant to live. IF you aren’t happy – change something so you are. THAT is all the angels want for us as happiness is contagious, a smile, a high vibration travels around the people. Remember how it feels when you’re happy. Remember how it feels when you’re with someone who is happy. Remember how you love being with them. Life feels great. YOU feel great. So that vibration stays with you, passes onto others around you, a smile travels far and helps make all who see it feel good. Never too late to learn this.

I feel some seeing this card will have had their lives disrupted and work may be limited, or even taken away. Same message applies here. Never to late to learn something new. What is it you have always felt a pull to do but stopped yourself with excuses? Life should never be halted through excuses, or as some prefer to call them – reasons – but deep down you know this is just another, excuse! There are always ways to begin a journey you wish to travel, even if it is small steps because of circumstances; if you want it, it will come. When you raise your vibration and believe you have the right to live the life and do the job you want, the universe listens and vibration attracts the same vibration. LIFE is to be lived. Learning is all part of life, so what is stopping you?

I’m also hearing the angels tell me many are worried about their children and school. Life is school. Being part of a family, being with friends, learning in a new way is all knowledge, just because it isn’t in a building where education can be too structured and boxed into a criteria, doesn’t mean the children aren’t gaining wisdom. They have time to find their own way. Trust they are being protected and guided. It is all part of their own learning.

With Love & Blessings )0(