Healing Card of the Week

19th January 2021

Career Change

Lives, at the moment, for some, may feel as if they have been tossed up into the air and no way of knowing how it will land. Perhaps your life feels topsy turvy and it isn’t a nice feeling, as you prefer solid, absolutism. The angels are asking you to ‘let go’ of such limiting beliefs. Life with a decent job, a decent wage, may have felt like a trap, safe, but a trap nonetheless. Now is your chance to change that. To think outside the limiting box you put yourself in for all the right reasons – at the time, but life is not meant to just ‘tick along’ it is meant to be experienced.

What is that ‘thing’ you have always wanted to do? To be? What is stopping you? The answer – You are. Excuses keep you in that ‘safe box’, but what has that given you so far? Are you truly happy? Content? Look deeply inside your soul and ask the question – was I happy or just comfortable? There is no right or wrong answer. The angels do not judge you as you should not judge yourself harshly, however, they are aware that there has been something nagging at the back of your head, and if you’re reading this, they are asking you to consider listening to that voice.

They will support and guide you if you allow them. Listen to your instincts; your body and spirit know unconsciously what it is they want and need to do, so listen and release all fears that may hinder your progress. Be free. Live the life you want. Be the person you wish to be, the angels surround you in love and light. They want you to be happy and at peace. This has a knock on effect with those who surround you, spreading the joy, showing them, they too can live the life they want, it is only limited beliefs that bind you to your old ways.

I sense holding this card fear and resistance, and the angels understand this, but ask you to release these negative emotions and see the potential in life once you do. Ask for guidance and listen to the answers. They know change can be scary, but perhaps consider this, which is more frightening – being stuck in the same career/life that is unfulfilling OR taking that chance, connect with all your emotions and find a new, exciting life/career that makes you truly feel wonderful?

With love and blessings