Healing Card of the Week

28th September 2021



People assume that Serenity will come once they have everything they need and want to make their life easier. Wrong. Your angels are reminding you that serenity is a state of mind. You can find serenity in life once you realise you are enough.

Your angels are watching you stressing over finances, relationships, consuming more stuff that you have been led to believe you MUST have, or else. But they are asking you to consider your life honestly. When do you feel serene? Calm? Happy? Joyful? Connected? Relaxed? These are the moments you should consider most important and change your mindset and life to make sure there is more positive energy moments than negative.

Your angels know this isn’t always easy – at least, you believe it isn’t, but consider;

Is it worth worrying over a situation or is it worth focusing on a positive outcome and allowing whatever happens to just be? Will worrying help the situation in any way?

Finding Serenity within stressful situations, is knowing that whatever happens is necessary for your journey, and feeling negative about it only lowers your vibration. Keep your vibrations high. That does not mean hide away from it, it means focus on what needs to be done and find ways during that process to keep your frequency as high as possible.

Personally, I dance whenever I can – usually in the morning to raise my vibration – dancing brings me deep feelings of joy and serenity. I smile. I feel a warm energy inside my body and afterwards, that warm glow stays with me. When I have to deal with a stressful situation, I remember my breath, breathing grounds the body, fills it with cleansing energy and energises.

I know many people use their garden as a positive focus, or/and a variety of movement therapies such as Yoga/Tai Chi/Swimming etc. I also walk in nature. Breathing in the trees energy. Many people run. Meditation, painting – whatever it is that brings you a sense of serenity – DO IT!

Life will always bring an array of situations that cause you to feel stress, anger, frustration, anxiety and more, it is how you look after yourself that will determine how long and how intense.”

With Love & Blessings )O(

14th September 2021



Your angels are saying, ‘Nobody is truly listening to each other, and assumptions are being made. But more importantly, they are not listening to themselves.’

Holding this card, I feel a deep sense of sadness and frustration, and a feeling of, ‘giving up’.


Your angels are urging you to listen to yourself first, otherwise why would anyone else if you aren’t taking notice of your inner voice? Remember, you cannot expect outward, if you are not taking notice of inward.

Listen to that inner voice that is telling you, that you need peace, not conflict. Raise your own vibration, and that has a knock on effect with everyone you meet. Stronger and louder than words.

Listen to your inner voice asking you to release all those negative thoughts and actions and feelings. They help nobody, especially you, lowering your frequency, making YOU feel low, upset, tired.

Listen to your inner voice that is telling you to care for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally. Once you are raising your vibration, meeting negative vibrations is easier to vanquish.

‘Remember, you needed the dark, so you could find your light.’

But, don’t dwell there – if you do you have become part of that problem, giving it energy, giving it life. Focus on your own light, your own energy, your own life. When enough people find their lights, the darkness cannot hide, and will retreat. Vanquished.

Right now, too many are not listening, they are focusing outward, believing this is the only way to gain back their light. They want to be ‘active’, freedom fighters, marching, coming together. And coming together to show solidarity is not a ‘bad’ thing, but achieves very little as there is still so much negative energy around these actions.

To stand, silently, in your own power, or as a collective, has more input than anything else.

To stand in your own power and sing, using your voice, opening your chakras has more input than anything else.

To stand and live your life freely has more input than anything else.

Your angels, spirit guides and loved ones never leave you. They are there, waiting for you to raise your vibration and live, love, listen and be free.

With Love & Blessings )O(

7th September 2021

I did not change the card last week due to unforeseen circumstances, and I have learned to listen to those little gut instincts.

This week, the card is again, TRUTH & INTEGRITY

It would seem the angels are asking you again to be true to yourself

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.The state of being whole and undivided. “upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty”

Your angels asked me to look up, ‘Integrity’ in the dictionary, to remind you of what it means.

I feel so much division occurring through fear. Fear of the truth. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the knowledge. Fear of death. Fear of moving forward. Fear of finding courage to speak your truth.

Division of tribe brings nothing but a joyless world, easier to control by those with a sickening need to rule over, not for the people. Division makes you weak, lowers your energy, your aura, your vibration. Find your truth. Find your courage. Find your tribe. Find your integrity.

You are not alone.

Re-read the message below and meditate on the answers that come for you

With so much Love & Blessings )O(