Healing Card of the Week



Your angels are aware that you are not happy right now. There are things within your life that are creating negative emotions to rise within you, and you feel as if you have no control over them.

Be comforted dear one, you are not alone. Your angels are watching you and know you are hurting, but they cannot help you until you a)ask them for it, and b) You accept responsibility for your life.

YOU have control over everything within your life – how you feel, how you react, how you behave, what you think, what you say, how you look, how you speak. It is all YOU. If you don’t like something – Change it.

You are a beautiful, powerful spiritual being, but somewhere along the way you have allowed outside influences to taint your human experiences. Your angels are asking you to accept yourself, embrace who you are and be the person you wish to be. Accept your mind, body and spirit, and love them completely, then, you may find that once you allow love and acceptance of it, into your life, things can change. Love frequency is higher than hate, anger and fear. All of these negative emotions block good energy that is always trying to reach you; but you can be deaf, dumb and blind to the wondrous experiences and people around you when you’re in that black hole.

Your angels are asking you to take a breath. Begin to love your mind, body and soul, with healthier eating habits, gentle exercise, reducing the toxins that create a negative response in your body, thus your mind and spirit, and see how life looks brighter.

They are also asking you to accept that people have made health choices that may not resonate with you. Ask yourself, if this has ever ‘bothered’ you before? Has this ever been any of my business? Look inside yourself and ask, have I done the right thing, such as reacting against, or accepting without question? If the answer is ‘no’, then seek ways of raising your vibration, breathe fresh air, connect to nature, eat healthier, take whatever vitamins etc are needed to help your mind, body and spirit.

With Love & Blessings )O(

22nd June 2021



Your angels are aware that right now, many are demanding justice for the past 18 months of their life, with jobs lost, homes lost, people dying from all dis-ease, including Suicide, Cancer, and Heart disease. Loved ones have died ‘alone’ in care homes, access denied to them. Loved ones have died at home ‘alone’ with a variety of illnesses, their family/friends too afraid of ‘rules’ to be with them. Many friendships have been lost. Many families have been torn apart.

Your angels are trying to reassure you of two things.

Your loved ones were never ‘alone’. You may not have had the chance of being with them, but please be assured, they were never alone, and at the end of this journey, they knew it.

Justice will be swift. But perhaps not how you expect.

Your angels are aware of the anger, frustration, the horror of knowing the agenda, and the despair of those beings who are much further down their awakening path, watching billions walk blindly onward; to not give in to such negative emotions. Yes, it is awful watching loved ones accept this regime against civilization, but it is NOT for you to ‘save’ them. THEY chose this learning before they were born into this body, to experience this, as you chose to experience your own education.

There is a deep awakening. All who chose to, can sense it. THIS is the justice.

Your angels are asking you to notice how strangers are coming together, and how many ‘know’ each other. Notice how many people are learning their human rights that they have never bothered to understand before. Notice how people are using their power to say, ‘NO’. Notice how strangers are supporting each other, with hugs, words and action. Notice how much love and connection there is.

Having accepted so much throughout most of their lives; people have felt a deep stirring within their soul, and have acted upon it. This is Justice. The people are waking up, using their gifts to heal, to teach, to demand truth, to demand righteousness for all, not just the few. The darkness that has kept people in the shadowy depression, offering nothing more than negative news, negative programming, negative restrictions of life, is frightened, their power is weakening over people.

That will be your justice.

The type of justice you seek is old programming. Your angels are hearing you when you speak of ‘bring back hanging’ and ‘we need them in handcuffs, on trial etc’, and they understand you want swift action against those who have oppressed the world. You all came here to learn experiences, emotions, behaviour in human form. So, imagine this.

Two angels are talking about what experiences they’d like to feel deeply. ‘I’d like to understand and learn about hatred.’ So, the other, full of love for his fellow angel says, ‘Okay, I shall become a human that all will despise, because I love you.’

One became Hitler, the other, a Jew.

Consider this story. It changes perspective.

LIVE your life, completely and with joy – THAT is Justice

With Love & Blessings of Summer Solstice to you all )O(