Healing Card of the Week

9th February 2021

Talk to your Angels

The angels are asking you to consider them as your own personal counsellors. You can tell them anything and they will never judge you, only support and love you. I feel that, at the moment, people are feeling very lonely, as if they have been abandoned, but this is not the case; they will never leave you and so, you are never alone. Negative emotions can get in the way of communication. Your angels are asking you to let go of these restricting feelings and release them into their hands.

Negative emotions, such as, worrying, anger, frustration, blame, don’t do you any good. They only lower your vibration and they are pointless when you can throw them away and feel light, happy, free and raise your vibration – which would you prefer?

Talk to your angels and spirit guides either in your head or out loud. (I personally speak out loud, as if they are in the chair opposite me) and tell them everything and anything. Nothing shocks them, nothing will ever make them feel you are not worthy of their love and support. They know you are a spiritual being in human form and are here to learn.

If you prefer, write it down. At the moment, I feel that you are holding so much within yourself, that it’s like a whirlwind inside your brain and it is difficult to find the words, holding onto what you feel, what you want to say, where you want to go in life etc. By talking it over with your angels, or writing it down, is ‘getting it out of your head’ and releasing it to the world to either get rid of it, or if needed, heal it so it isn’t a problem anymore.

When you trust your angels, and trust yourself, you see, and hear the inner voice as guidance and follow it; it clears the path. Ask for help and watch out for signs, synchronicity etc. Let go of doubt and a whole new world opens up.

Don’t hold onto the problem. That helps nobody, especially you. I am sensing a lot of people are ‘holding it all inside’. DON’T!!

Holding it in – hurts you, which creates a negative energy around you, which affects the people around you – which affects the people around them – and so on.

Releasing it, changes your vibration – raises it, helps you feels lighter, happier, which affects those around you – which affects those around them – and so on –

See and Feel the difference

Love and Blessings )O(