Healing Card of the Week

26th January 2021


When you have an intention, you intend to reach it, to achieve it, to finish it, the angels are asking you, what is your intention? I sense when I hold this card, the angels and guides have had that same question asked of them – What is YOUR intention with all this horror happening right now? What is YOUR intention to do about it? Etc The angels are asking me to remind you that YOU have the power to do something about it, so, why would they take that power away from you?

Intention is a beautiful thing. It sends out vibrations to the universe, letting it know you are ready to finish another learning, another task, and it is a joyous occasion. An intention is letting the world know you are living, you are embracing the challenges, the exciting adventure, the new journey, and you are sending all your beautiful vibes to that intention; and it feels good, doesn’t it? Do you remember that feeling? When you have an intention, you set that goal, you work through it, you achieve it. Magical 🙂

I sense that many of you have had ‘intentions’ during this last year, but have not achieved them. Your heart and soul were not truly in them, and now you are judging yourself harshly. Why? Those intentions were not true. They were ‘filler intentions’ something to achieve in a situation you did not enjoy, so your heart was not 100% focused, it was something to do while lockdown continued(s). Remember, the angels and your spirit guides do not judge you at all. Their purpose is to guard, guide and to love you, so how about you try and find that same intention for yourself? Now, to achieve that, would indeed be a wonderful blessing. Judgement only lowers your vibration, it cannot lift it, so leave those judgements outside your door!

With Love & Blessings )0(