Healing Card of the Week

12th January 2021


It can be hard to trust, I know, it is one of my hardest emotions to believe in. Even as I was meditating and beginning to work with the angels for this week’s ‘Healing card’, I was pulled away from it as my daughter had a problem getting onto an on-line course and was panicking and getting very upset, but I strangely felt calm, and just ‘knew’ it would work itself out. Perhaps today was not the day she was meant to join the course, but learn that it is okay to wait and trust it will work out, perhaps in a better way?

Trusting someone or something is a feeling we all have the capabilities of, but life events can damage this feeling, this need, this internal comfort. To have the ability to trust is a wonderful gift and one I feel many have lost. So many have had their trust knocked by the world around them as they see lies blatantly told, actions that do not resonate with their soul and people they held in trust, behaving against all they hold right and true. It can feel as if their world has turned upside down and that life is wrong and they can never trust anyone or anything again.

The angels and spirit guides are asking you to trust them and trust your own capabilities. Begin by going inward. Look at your own life, your own thoughts and feelings, never-mind what is going on around you, re-learn to trust yourself, your own instincts, that ‘gut feeling’ that perhaps, you have ignored for too long. Listen to your own inner voice and trust it. Your higher self is always trying to guide you on the path of learning you chose; so be quiet, be still, and listen.

It is only when you trust yourself, your true self, that you can then truly see and feel what is true in the outside world. Once you are your true self, lies and deceit will never resonate with your higher vibrational energy, it will ‘feel’ wrong – this is your gut feeling, your knowing – the angels are asking you, to trust that.

They are also asking you to trust that you are never alone, they are always with you, guarding, guiding and protecting, along with your spirit guides and loved ones. They are always communicating, so trust that once you allow yourself to be quiet, to be calm, take that deep cleansing breath and trust what you feel, hear, see, sense and know that you are forever loved.

Sending you many blessings