Healing Card of the Week

5th January 2021


Being an author I was at first shocked to receive this card, was it talking to me? Had I got it wrong when I asked for guidance to a card the people needed to see? Was I meant to see this card too? Well, of course I was, I am a person as well as an author!

You see, even I question and I shouldn’t because once I let that go, the words from the angels came flooding in.

You are the author of your own life. Do not let anyone else write it for you.’

When I hold this card, I see diaries/journals, short stories and poems of lives affected by the world, I see books coming into publication and feel a sense of satisfaction, a sense of achievement, and I am smiling for the spread of joy this will bring.

I know it may seem obvious, as the world has been run by a handful of people, dictating lives and I sense so many people feel helpless, frustration and other negative emotions as they feel life has been ‘taken away’, but the angels are sending you this card to remind you that nobody can do that unless you let them. Even prisoners can change their mindset and be free in their thoughts and feelings, so to can you.

Writing is a powerful connection to the divine. When we write down what’s in our head, we allow ourselves to be open to ideas, thoughts and subsequent actions. It does not have to be pages and pages, it can be a few simple words, be it a positive affirmation that you can look at and take its message into your everyday life, a poem that springs from your heart without second guessing the wording to try to find perfection, or a book that you have desired to write, but never felt you could – the point the angels want to make, is just, write.

Writing allows you to go wherever you wish. Words are powerful energies that can heal or hurt. Remember, they are ‘spells’. Where words flow, energy follows. So, how kind are you towards yourself and others in your words? What powerful words are you using to send out positive energy for changes you want to see in the world? Remember, where intention is focused, so too is the energy. Be the author of your own world and be free.

With Love and Blessings to you )O(