Healing Card of the Week

1st June 2021



We have another repeat! You aren’t listening??? 🙂

Your angels are asking you to remember how life felt as a child. Was it fun? Free? Did you play unconditionally? Freely, without fear or embarrassment? Without prejudice or boundaries – you just played, enjoyed life, accepted it, loved it, embraced it and saw wonder and magic in everything around you.

What changed?

Life is meant to be enjoyed, embraced, loved – not hindered, not controlled, never forbidden. Life is for living, accepting all adventures and finding the joy, learning the lesson and moving onto the next journey.

It is too easy in adult life to forget our inner child. It is easy to forget they need attention, otherwise life becomes nothing more than a drudge, a boring every day existence that brings nothing but despair. As adults we can feel embarrassed to behave playful, society deems it, ‘childish’, ‘silly’ ‘unacceptable behaviour for an adult’. What tosh!

Who decided play was not acceptable? Who decided being happy and embracing life was childish? Who decided that laughing, going on adventures and truly living was not adult behaviour?

Your angels are inviting you to release your chains. Unlock that lock you have put around yourself and be free to do whatever it is you have always wanted to do, to try, to experience, just do it! Nothing can stop you, except YOU. Nobody has any power over you, except what YOU give them. Nobody can dictate YOUR life. Who cares if people roll their eyes and tut, or criticize, it is only because they wish they had the courage to live their own life. By seeing you live yours, and it may trigger something deep within them and they find their own adventure?

Remember, energy moves between people very quickly. Watch how a smile moves down a busy road. Watch how one good deed, has a knock on effect to all those involved in the line. So, people seeing you enjoying life, you have a high energy, this affects all those around you.

So, go out there, by playful, smile, laugh, raise your energy and enjoy J

With Love & Blessings )O(

25th May 2021



If you’re anything like me, when I randomly drew this particular card, I recoiled with surprise! I never quite took to ‘yoga’ 🙂

But this isn’t what your angels are asking you to focus on. They are inviting you to find an activity that stretches your muscles, focuses your mind, releasing endorphins, brings you joy and a sense of wellness, be it jogging, dancing, pilates, meditation, walking, exploring, biking, and yes, yoga, if it calls to you.

Your angels know that many of you have become stagnant in your daily lives. You are not stretching your minds, or your muscles, moving your bodies, or focusing on your breathing; all of this lack of movement causes stale energy to build up, making you feel sluggish, tired, lethargic, depressed, angry, and so much more negative emotions – this is not good for you. (But you know that, right?)

Your angels understand life has thrown you a lot of stresses and changes, but it’s time now to bring your focus back to your own well-being. Your emotional, mental and physical needs have become secondary, but without keeping these healthy, everything has a knock on effect. Without a strong emotional base, your mental energy is sluggish. Without some kind of physical energy, your mental and emotional energy is compromised.

Eg: Sitting at home, on the couch, eating unhealthy foods, watching television, blaming the world for your life has no value, it only creates a negative response – you feel depressed, angry, upset, blame, and you get into a spiral of unhealthy food and drink, even drugs. Your mental state plummets, and it is harder to push yourself out of that melancholia to breathe fresh air and work your body. On the other hand, you know how you feel when you break away from a negative situation, go and do something you love, breathe fresh air, see the sky, trees, water etc, how do you feel when you see the beach? How do you feel when you see a gushing waterfall? How do you feel when you run and play with your children? And see how your energy changes to a feeling of positivity, clear head, lighter feeling, and you smile. Whether it’s meeting some friends in the park for half an hour, or hiking in the mountains for a day – get outside and breathe.

Breath is your life saver. Breath is the most natural action, but with masks, your breath has become restricted, our breathing shallow, which is unhelpful to our well-being. As often as is possible, focus on your breath. Breathe deeply, fresh air, sea air, mountain air, anywhere that helps you feel good.

Breathe. Relax. Ground yourself. Be happy. 🙂

With Love & Blessings )O(

18th May 2012



It’s simple really – What is your intention in your life?

Are you going to make a choice to truly live and embrace life, or merely let time dribble away until you die?

Your angels know that many have allowed themselves to withdraw from living. Their life felt as if it came to a full stop – if you are one of those people, then YOU made that choice. Life continues regardless of what other humans try to decide for you, it is up to YOU to take control of your destiny and its outcomes, so that another human being cannot dictate your life, as nobody has that power unless you give it to them.

Is it your intention to remain at someone else’s will? Is it your intention to break free of your shackles and live the life you want? Is it your intention to remain bitter and angry? Or is it your intention to rise above that low frequency and find your joy and love for yourself and others?

Everything you do in your life, you have set that intention. You may not even have noticed that you made that choice, but, you can change anything you are not happy with. You angels are seeing many people setting their intentions to a higher frequency and it is being felt by those who are deciding to remain behind, hiding in fear. People are feeling the divide and it is causing ripples in both directions, but your angels are asking you not to get lost within those ripples. Focus on your own intention THAT is all that matters, because if people see and feel your higher frequency it will, or won’t, trigger something within them to raise theirs, if their intention is to be free. But their choice is exactly that.

So, set your intention on how you wish to proceed in life. And follow your instincts.

With Love & Blessings

11th May 2021



‘You are free from the very moment you are born.’

The angels are asking me to remind you of this fact. Nothing can ever stop your freedom, except you. Even prisoners have the power to be free within their thoughts and feelings, even their behaviour is a choice while incarcerated, even their actions have ‘free will’ to choose one’s path, to choose one’s action.

And so do you.

Your angels are aware of how the world has been divided into those dictating and those following. They are aware that those following feel as if they have no choice, their freedom must be subdued for the greater good. Sadly, this is and never has been true. You have the freedom to choose whether you give up your choice, you have the freedom to do as you’re told, stay away from family/friends, give up your work, take an injection, OR you have the freedom to choose to live free as you have always had the right to do. To see family/friends, to work, to live happily, to research for yourself to find the truth, to switch off your television and be out in nature, finding joy, connecting, learning new skills – whatever it is that brings you happiness and freedom, YOU have always had that choice.

Your angels know it can be frightening to think ‘outside the box’. Many have never attempted it before, preferring to run with the pack – it feels safer. This illusion is how you give your freedom away, and your angels are supporting you in this decision. If you feel scared, ask for their comfort. If you feel overwhelmed, ask for their support. If you feel sad and alone, missing your life – ask the angels to guide you and bring you courage to be free – again.

Your angels are reminding you that you can choose a new adventure whenever you wish. Life is only limited to what restrictions YOU put in place. Nobody can stop you doing anything you desire to do, unless YOU give them your power. I sense that many are discussing how life could be more than this; they feel the pull of adventure and no longer want a mundane drudge of living, a prison they now know they created for themselves. They are ready to break free and truly feel alive.

NOTHING is stopping you. So go and do it. Live it. Enjoy your freedom. Enjoy LIFE.

Each has their own journey. I sense many will read this and feel I have an agenda. Your angels never have any agenda, except working with you to fulfil your true life, become your true self and feel joy in everything you do. If you are one who has felt powerless and have handed over your freedom, then take it back if you don’t like it. If you’re happy existing as you are, then carry on.

You have FREE WILL to choose, and that is the joy of being human.

With love and Blessings )O(