Healing Card of the Week

4th May 2021



Your angels can see how so many of you are feeling as if you are banging your head against a brick wall, and it is getting you nowhere and only bringing you negative emotions and draining your energy. Back off! Your mission, your intent is pointless.

Your angels are asking you to retreat, move away, change lanes, change your energy and if it is meant, whatever it is you are ‘attacking and fighting’ will either dissolve and will no longer be a problem, or it will come to you as your energy attracts it.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in fighting for what we want, what we believe is right, that we cannot always see the bigger picture. We tend to forget that ‘we’ have the power to attract, to save, to have, if we care for our own power first. Sometimes, what we are trying to help, receive, save, isn’t what is needed for the way forward.

Letting go and allowing time for you to heal completely, is what is needed to resolve the problem, which once you retreat, take a step back from, is sometimes not actually a problem you thought it was.

Angels love you unconditionally. They see you harming yourself, crying, getting angry and hurt for this situation, but they are also able to see the whole picture, the future, the lessons that need to be learned, and so they are asking you to stop hurting yourself. Live your life in joy and love and raise your vibration, the rest will sort itself out one way or another.

With Love & Blessings )O(