Healing Card of the Week

27th April 2021


It’s easy to get lost in the stress and tension and negativity that continues to hound our every waking moment these days. Your angels are reminding you about the joy of playfulness. Do you remember how it was as a child? To play? To enjoy that precise moment and get lost in it? Nothing else mattered while you immersed yourself in your game, or your pretend play. It was a magical time. No worries. No cares. No politics. No fear.

Why did you lose that ability?

Life must never be so boring and regimental. Life must never be so full of anger and despair and fear. Life must never be a chore. Life is meant to be enjoyed, embraced, a delight.

Now, the angels are telling me, they hear many of you shrug your shoulders at this statement and shake your head. Why? They know life has its problems, but nothing that cannot be solved if you believe and trust and follow your heart and listen to your inner voice; all the answers you seek are always inside you. But you have forgotten how to listen and instead blame god, blame others, blame yourself.

That is not what the angels want for you, but you have free will, and sometimes, you need to learn the hard way!

Think of it this way. We are all frequency, all energy. If you are feeling positive, relaxed, happy etc, then you’re frequency is high, which attracts other high frequencies. You may have noticed, good things happen to you when you’re feeling good, synchronicity happens much easier. Think about it. I’ll bet you can remember when you said, something like, wow, that’s brilliant, how did that happen? Or something similar.

Now, when you’re stressed, unhappy, angry, you’re frequency is low and so you attract low frequencies/low energy. It feels like all the world is against you, it may feel as if you have no choices, and so bad things happen, usually one after the other and it is difficult to pull yourself out of this frequency which can lead to depression, a deep sadness and ‘giving up’, a feeling of being ‘lost’ and forgotten.

Your angels are asking you to find the joy, anything small and pull your frequency back up. They have never forgotten you, or left you.

Whether it’s talking to someone, either professional or a friend and releasing that trapped emotion. Doing what I call, PPP = Personal Pockets of Pleasure. It can be anything. Going for a walk in nature, painting your nails, colouring a picture, doing a jigsaw, reading a book, sitting with your pet, or someone else’s pet. Playing a game with your own children. Whatever brings you even five minutes of joy, do it. Don’t wait. You will find the five minutes increases as you naturally want more of the higher frequency. I’m being reminded to say, ‘don’t worry about what other people think’. Your higher frequency will bounce into theirs, attract their frequency and either shake them up, or remind them they can raise theirs, so either way, it is a wonderful action.

I’m not saying it is always easy. And there are people who can help you, but YOU have to make the first move. Find your inner strength. Listen to your inner voice, your inner child, and find your joy, raise your frequency and watch the magic happen.

Many Blessings and Love on this Full Moon 🙂 )O(