Healing Card of the Week

20th April 2021



When I hold this card, I see millions of bodies that need healing, strengthening, nurturing, to help combat what is happening for each individual, be it stress, tension, an illness or those who took the injection. Every ‘body’ now needs to be healed in whatever way calls to you, whether it is through massage, meditation, yoga, running, walking in nature, crystal healing, whatever it is, find it, trust it, embrace it. You will find it beneficial for your body, but also you’re whole self.

I feel you have neglected yourself for far too long, but also you judge yourself too harshly. The angels are asking you to remember how it was to be a child. Free and breathless and everything was an adventure. See this next path as an adventure; you may find something you love and which opens your eyes to a whole new world.

Nature has always played a huge part in my life, and as a young woman I explored everywhere I could afford, travelling and sleeping in my old car but waking to a place I had never ventured. Life took over all that, but these past few years, my husband and I have returned to this exploring and it brings us such joy and walking helps our bodies while exploring opens our minds and our souls sing. We are so happy, which attracts more happiness J

I love massage, both offering it (I am a qualified therapist) and receiving it. How about you? When was the last time you enjoyed a therapy? Don’t live in fear. Don’t stop living and enjoying. That only goes down a dark hole and that is not what life is about. Life is to be lived, enjoyed, not endured, so please, find whatever it is you love, and do it.

I’m being reminded by your angels that caring for your body also include what you put into it. Every food has energy. Fruit and vegetables have a high energy which transfers to yours and meat, sugary foods etc, have a low energy which again, transfers to your body when consumed. Decide what kind of energy you want and do your best. Angels don’t ask for perfection. They don’t judge. But ask yourself this – when I ate something high in energy, how did I feel? Light? Happy? Or sluggish and unhappy?

Enjoy your body. You are a spiritual being having a bodily experience. It is your car that you ride in. Look after it. 🙂

Love and Blessings )O(