Spiritual Readings

I am also a spiritual medium. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and allow spirit to channel through me using my voice and body if needed. I work with angels and spirit guides and loved ones to help spirit cross over to continue their journey.

I offer one to one session that last around 3/4 hour depending on what I am shown.

During a session I might be given messages, shown memories, photographs, pictures, representation of things that will mean something to my client. The person’s spirit guide might come through or their spirit animal to help them know something they need to know at that precise moment.

Every sitting is different. I never know what will happen. Some spirits come through easily and quickly, others can take a while, their message too subtle for me to understand – I have no control over the spirit realm but I trust that if I am meant to be shown these things – it will happen.

A few reviews from past clients

‘Thanks so much for this reading. My Mom & Sisters are amazed at the Gram Y contact. ‘

‘I loved mine, it is amazing!’

‘I can’t get over how much you knew! I feel such love. I don’t feel so sad now.’

‘You speak to them, I mean, really speak to them, you don’t disrespect, shout or anything, just talk!’

‘How the hell did you know that?!’ That is amazing! 

To book a skype/Face book video appointment I can be contacted via 

 the contact page on this website

I charge £40 paid via Paypal to


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