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   Deanna Jewel


Book Title:  Never Surrender, book 1 of ‘Never Surrender Series’


Genre:  Time Travel Romance, Native American


Short Bio:  Deanna Jewel lives in the Pacific Northwest and writes multi-genre romance. When she’s not writing, Deanna enjoys gardening and traveling, where she finds new story locations and characters. She’s married and they have two Siamese cats: Zoie and Sinbad, who keep them entertained. Deanna loves hearing from her readers.


Short synopsis of book:  Dreams of a Native American warrior haunt Kate, who is determined to discover their meaning as she vacations in the mountains of Wyoming.  When her soul connects with a total stranger, she must trust her instincts to realize their relationship was part of history. Kate is thrust back in time and forced to relive the past as she dodges death.  Mai, a raven shape-shifter, is set upon stealing away the man of Kate’s dreams, but love works its magic when Taima passes a ring to his son.  The haunting mystery will be solved when its rightful owner claims the cryptic heirloom … at a time that lies deep within the future.

     Book two will be released later this year. Watch my newsletter for more info on Final Surrender and see more on FB and my website.



Why do you write? 

Characters have always been in my head ever since I was a child. I’d make up stories as I walked to school and back then they would have been children’s stories about bug and fairy families living at the base of trees. Perhaps I also need to be writing about that as those stories have never left me.

     Now, no matter where I visit, characters are showing me bits of themselves so I can learn more about who they are and what’s important to them. Common themes in all my books are soul mates and reincarnation. I didn’t plan to write this way, it is something that just happens. From the number of reader emails I receive, I know I’m not the only one who believes in this.


Who is your favourite character and why? 

That would have to be Taima/Brandon from the Never Surrender Series because he has such a passion of being a one-woman man. He cares about those around him and is a natural leader. In Never Surrender, his wife had been killed and he tried hard never to love again so that he wouldn’t betray his first wife, but that all changed when he met Kate. It took a long time for him to realize she could change his heart and together they struggled through their feelings for one another.


Who is your least favourite and why? 

Villains are fun to write because they create havoc between our characters and tear our plots to pieces if we aren’t careful. My favorite is David Langley in No Turning Back because he had no regard for human life nor ever loved anyone, obsessed, but not loved. He uses those around him to better his own life and tosses them aside when he’s done with them. After I wrote that book, some how he made his way into the next book as the villain in Whispers at Ghost Point. These two books are only available now on my website in paperback or e-format because I am redesigning the covers so that they can be a series since I reincarnated the characters into present time for Whispers. That was totally a surprise to me and unplanned, but as I wrote, the characters get the credit for connecting the stories. Watch my newsletter for more info on the release of this new series, No Turning Back. Book one will be changed and re-edited and will be titled Fire on the Water. This is an English historical and love blossoms on the high seas!


What challenges have you faced and overcome? 

New authors must remember that a thick skin is needed once you open your writing to criticism from others. We need to join critique groups so we can learn from other authors as they help us become better at what we do. Critiques are one person’s opinion, true, but it can also show us another way of writing better. Be aware that they are not tearing your story apart, but helping you to write with more visual sense, whether it’s help in correcting a POV, a tense that isn’t being followed as in past or present, or giving you help in including the five senses as you write. I still remember the shock of opening that first envelope from my critique partner and the anger that surfaced. (Is that dating myself? We didn’t critique online back then!) This is a process and some handle it better but take it as a learning tool and move forward. Your writing will be better because of it.


What made you choose that genre? 

I write in several genres because I didn’t want to be stuck in only one. When I began, the ‘rules’ state you should write in ONE category and not all over the board. I just didn’t want to do that. Research takes a ton of time but we have to do this to bring our reader to the setting of our story. I’ve always enjoyed historicals and that was my first love…anything set in England, Ireland or Scotland. I hope I did well in transporting my readers to England and life aboard a ship…be it pirate or not! Please check out No Turning Back (or Fire on the Water after my re-release).


Paula, thank you so much for having me as a guest on your blog and readers, thank you  for stopping by to learn more about me and the books I write.

An absolute pleasure having you Deanna. I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said about writing and yes, I agree we need to have thick skin in regards to criticism! Enjoy the adventure though – right?!!


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Thank you Deanna for being my guest. Lots of information to contact you and I urge readers to. 🙂




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