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“Tales of Freya” by Sarah Dahl


A collection of sensual short stories set in the Viking Age


In a world of crackling fires and rough landscapes, long winters and bloody raids, the immediacy of life and death ignites undeniable passions. Warriors and monks, healers and housewives – all follow the call of their hearts and bodies to indulge in pleasures that may forever change their lives

Bonds – Under the Armour:

Viking warrior Aldaith and his shield maiden Nyssa engage in a heated skirmish to prepare for an imminent battle. But the looming slaughter makes their sensual duel get out of hand in more ways than one …


“Bonds” is the sequel to my very first Tale “The Current” and again features warrior Aldaith and shield maiden Nyssa:


Aldaith wanted to turn, but she pushed until he had to bend forward. His forehead met bark. “Ah, stop now, woman.”

Nyssa‘s lips touched his ear. “Who wins?”

He turned his head to the side, forced to look up at her. “You’re impossible.”

He didn’t try to break free. It was the sweetest surrender he could think of. The way her muscles moved against him, toned precision.

“If I let you go now —”

“Be gentle.” He twisted slightly in her grip. “If you let me, I’d grab you and have you for night-meal. Breaking my arm wouldn’t help that pleasure, so think twice.” He moved, but she tightened her grip, pushing his arm up, pushing her luck.

They were both panting now. The rough bark scratched his front while her soft breasts caressed his back. He was grateful for the contrasting sensations, which made it impossible to think about tomorrow. The battle.

Right now, he’d rather concentrate on this fight. He lowered his head. “Let me go. You win. Alright, shield maiden, you win.”

She chuckled sweetly while her tongue touched his earlobe, sending a jolt of excitement down his spine. “What’s my reward then, warrior?”

“Take what you want.”

Release: Dec 8th, 2017

Book title/genre: “Bonds – Under the Armour”,  historical fiction, sensual romance


Short bio:

Sarah Dahl lives on the edge of the rural German Eifel and writes historical fiction (novels and short stories) primarily set in the Viking age. She also works as an editor, translates, and coaches new writers in German and English. She is interested in everyday life in bygone centuries and the human stories that may have occurred behind the hard, historical facts.

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Who is your favourite character and why?

It is obvious that Viking warrior Aldaith has to be my favourite character, because I didn’t plan on writing this sequel, “Bonds”, to his first story, “The Current – A Battle of Seduction”. I never even wanted to publish this first little story, it was meant as an exercise to get over a writing block and was brainstormed with my writing buddy Elaine just for fun, between the two of us. And out came my most successful story yet, with characters readers raved about, sooo … I had to give them a second chance and see how their story continues! And there will be more: I’ll conclude their story with a third and last part, like a mini-trilogy within the Tales of Freya collection. I can’t wait to write how their story ends!

Warrior Aldaith is special because yes, he’s a formidable fighter (and lover), but he also surrenders at the hands of this one shield maiden. She sets him on fire in many ways, challenges him, breaks through his tough shell, and he just can’t escape their connection, their bond. Nyssa is his perfect counterpart and their little fights are sometimes brutal, sometimes sensual, and multi-layered powerplays. At first. In “Bonds”, the sequel here, there is a revelation that leaves them both in turmoil.

Why are these characters so outstanding – for readers and yourself?

Readers comment that they love this warrior, who only ever is defeated by his sassy shield maiden; they are so well-matched in attitude and strength. They are sensual, naughty, and funny. It’s a constant play between them, and Aldaith himself never knows what the outcome will be.

I’m told that his counterpart, the confident Nyssa, is a rare female character, a real fighter with deep passion and total focus, yet vulnerable and with a depth that will turn Aldaith’s world upside down in this story. She’s blunt and brutal, yet funny and challenging. In “Bonds” they go from playful seduction to a whole new level: under their emotional armours. They allow themselves weakness for the first time in their (warrior) lives … weakness that becomes their bond – and their strength. I’m very proud of the development my two are in for here.

What made you choose that genre?

I love the Viking era for several reasons, and one is that it’s perceived as the warrior era today, with strong men who brought terror to foreign lands, and I want to play with that and turn it upside down. Make the invincible weak and the women in charge of themselves. I want to show all layers of my characters’ personalities and go way beyond the cliché of what “the Vikings” were. They have so many more dimensions than what history books and Hollywood narrows it down to. I think sensuality is a great playing field for these layers, the power play between man and woman (or, as in “Monk”, three people), to bring out their vulnerable sides, their fears and needs. I take pride in that even though my stories are short and can be seen as erotic, they are not “erotica”. They go very deep into the characters, with a sensual plot, but without sex as the sole purpose: the development is achieved with the help of the sensual encounter. I go into a character fast and deep with a sensual plot, to better show the dynamics and psychology between two people. That’s much more important than them just pleasuring each other. “Bonds” is a good example that the sensual encounters aren’t even the main thing; it’s how the encounter propels the relationships forward, the entire world view. How it leaves my Vikings when the fun was in reality a transformation that forever changes their lives.

 Welcome back to my fellow Viking author, Sarah – with another sensual story that will leave us breathless and wanting more. I am one of those readers who wanted to hear more of these characters and so I shall be buying them asap.

It comes out December 8th – worth a Christmas read to set your body on fire during the cold months!

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