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Ghosts, spirits, strange happenings, synchronicity, Angels, demons, spirit guides, healing, crystals, moon magic, candles, mother nature have all been a part of my life.

As a young child I heard, felt and saw strange things, growing up weird things happened to me and as an adult, I have been asked to help spirit find peace. I work with angels and guides to help healing for the living and spirit and I embrace Paganism in my own way.


P.J Roscoe

Angel Healing Cards

Trust that if you are here, now, reading this, you were meant to be here at this moment.

If you have clicked on the link from my newsletter, thank you. Already you have used your intuition and chosen LEFT or RIGHT. Don’t second guess. See the answers below.

If you have found my blog via another means. Don’t scroll down to the bottom of the page UNTIL you have chosen, without thinking, LEFT or RIGHT Angel Healing Card.


The Angels are sending you so much love and blessings, thank you for taking that step.



Forgiveness – The Angels are asking you to release and forgive, whether it’s for yourself or towards another who you feel has wronged you. They are not saying, ‘it’s okay what happened’, but to let go of all the negative emotions that surround the event. Look at how you are feeling. Is it worth it? You may be justified in how you’re feeling, but you are being asked to release the hurt, give it up to the angels and say you are no longer willing to hold onto those negative emotions anymore, which are only hurting you.

I feel from this card that it is also about forgiving yourself. Something has occurred recently that made you act/feel negative, it’s time to let it go and move on. Learn from it. I also feel there’s issues around self worth, perhaps you aren’t feeling positive about your body, your life choices. Be honest with yourself and truly look, without adding a negative comment, what you have achieved in your life. When you stop and really take note of everything you have overcome and achieved in your life, it can be the beginning of a release of holding onto a negative feeling towards ourselves. You are powerful, beautiful and worth everything you desire. So let go of anything negative holding you back, forgive the past and move forward in love.


Support – The Angels, spirit guides and loved ones are with you right now, you are not alone, never have been, never will be. You are surrounded by love and this card is your reassurance that there are many beings surrounding and supporting you – you just have to ask and trust. They cannot interfere with ‘free will’, but they can try and steer you away from danger. If you feel afraid, ask for their comfort. If you need guidance, ask for their knowledge. Your angels want you to talk to them frequently, either out loud of in your head, they hear both.

I feel from this card you’ve needed support but felt it wasn’t all there for you and it’s made you withdraw from asking – don’t do that. Remember, people are not mind readers! They have to hear you ask for help, and that is okay. Don’t be shy. Don’t believe you’re not worth helping, or you don’t want to burden others. You are worth it. If someone can’t help and support you, find someone or an organisation who can. Take control of your life, move forward in strength and grace. Everyone needs support in their life. You are NOT alone.

Sending you many blessings on your journey.

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  1. Paula says:

    Thank you Emily

  2. Love the photos – really captures the spooky atmosphere.

  3. Paula says:

    I know what you mean Samphire – very hard to choose. I would also have had The Others and Mama in there among a few others if top ten!

  4. Samphire7 says:

    Top three ghost films, hard to choose but probably: The Skeleton Key, The Devil’s Backbone and The Orphanage…but them what about Mama, The Others and Insidious. Tough question P.J!

  5. Paula says:

    I have received several registrations but no comments – just checking it is working!

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