Adventures of Faerie folk

Finally, it is here. The first of a series of faerie stories written by myself and illustrated by Alan Jones, bringing to life the magic and wonder of nature.

I wrote these stories for my own daughter many moons ago. ¬†‘The Rose Faerie’ is dedicated to my darling Megan as I wanted to show her that being different is a gift. Megan is Autistic and has Dyspraxia and shows courage every day – I am a very proud Mum xx

Won an Honourable mention at the Amsterdam book festival for children’s books 2015

Available on Amazon and Kindle and at  Audio now available from Audible and Crimson Cloak publishing!/Adventures-of-Faerie-Folk-book-1-ebook/p/70936399




We had a lovely weekend at the LLangollen Faerie fest Aug 13/14th 2016 selling my faerie books along with my novels and storytelling.


The second volume in the Adventures of Faerie folk series. Available from and will be available on audio book later in 2017


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