Anthologies I am in!

ZI have been blessed this last year, in that as well as my books I have had two stories accepted for two different anthologies. The first one is out now (January 2015) and is called:

Love Alters – A love for all seasons

And can be found here on Kindle

And here for paperback

My story – ‘Inevitable Love’ – is the true story of how I met my husband Martin of twenty-one years this May (2015). He chose the title as he says “It was inevitable!”.



THUMBNAIL_IMAGE″  A video on youtube showing all the authors who contributed to this book

‘Steps in Time’ is out now on

The charity chosen to benefit from any profit made is Alzheimer’s Research UK, who fund groundbreaking research internationally.  Their former patron was the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

Crimson Cloak publishing and is titled ‘Steps in Time’  My story, ‘Time goes by’ is one I wrote years ago but it was never good enough for me to send out. Years later, fresh eyes and more experience, I changed it ever so slightly in five minutes and sent it – and it was accepted! So it’s worth hanging on to old stories and coming back to them.

My next anthology will be a paranormal collection through Crimson Cloak publishing and is due out Autumn 2016. My story, ‘A Mother’s Love’ is one I re-wrote to help it ‘fit’ the theme, which is, time-travel and can be bought from their store – here:!/Crimson-Timelines-ebook/p/75507609




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