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I am available to chat about your grief journey and how I can help you work through it here on this link

I am available for Angel Card Readings either online or sent to your email in MP3 form.

If you believe you are experiencing a haunting, I am happy to come and help you with that depending on how far you are. Most of the time it is stagnant energy that just needs freeing, so it flows easier.

I offer a variety of talks and workshops on the supernatural and healing of mind, body & spirit. I talk about my books & being an author/narrator, and offer creative, fun faerie workshops for children with artist Liz Monks

If you wish to join my newsletter on a variety of subjects, books, supernatural, healing sessions it would be amazing to have you with me on this journey. For joining you receive my book of supernatural short stories, THREE, for free, as well as discounts on Angel readings and upcoming events, free short stories and more

If you need help with your grief journey and are ready to join my three month programme, ‘Release Your Grief, Write to remove obstacles from your Truth, Freedom & Purpose’ then contact me here, or if you want a free 30 minute chat to see if my programme is for you, book a session with me HERE

My FB page and see what I can offer to help you. Don’t suffer on your grief journey, I put up helpful and informative content all the time. Tap into that.

I can be found at:

Twitter – pjroscoeauthor

FB – PJRoscoeauthor

Instagram – PJRoscoeauthor

Linkedin – P.J. Roscoe


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