Talks & Workshops

Over the years I’ve acquired a number of experiences and I love sharing them with others, be it through a workshop or offering an informative talk. Below is a list of workshops I offer and can be contacted via this contact form or my email for more details.

Faerie crafts & Storytelling Workshop = 2 hours

Together with my talented artist & illustrator, Liz Monks, we offer a workshop for young and old faeries to spend time creating faerie themed masterpieces, be it a faerie garden, a faerie cone which can be used to hold sweets, or any other treat, faerie mobiles, making your own faerie and much more, whatever your imagination can conjure.

We provide all the materials and Liz is on hand to guide you in your art adventure, while I tell faerie stories from my Adventures of Faerie folk series, and supporting where I can. (I was once a nanny for two years, so I have experience with young children) We create a unique faerie story with the group and I put it together and send it out to each individual if required.

£30 + £5 per child, but if they buy at least one faerie book, £4 per child.

Faerie cones

A Woman’s Voice = 1 hour

A talk I put together following the information I gained during the research of my award winning novel, Diary of Margery Blake.

There is so much research on women’s lives through the ages, but I focus on the 19th century, during the Victorian era when animals had more rights than women! It is a passionate talk on how the women’s movement began and finishing with a debate on how far women have come in a 100 years. It can be quite an eye opener and no two groups are the same.

£50 + petrol (depending on area) plus a chance to buy signed copies of the book, which is also available as an audio book and the audio drama is available through

My Medium Life = 1 hour

I share a few of my supernatural experiences that I’ve encountered over twenty five years as a medium and investigator of the paranormal. Having worked alongside spirit guides, angels and loved ones to help lost souls move on in their journey, I have met a multitude of people in spirit. Some happy, some angry, some vicious but all have touched my heart in one way or another. I show evidence captured including EVP and Video and photographs.

I am always open to visiting a supposed ‘haunted’ location. If you wish me to help, contact me via the contact page.

£50 + petrol (depending on area)

Psychic Development = 2 Hours

A basic workshop that offers you a chance to get in touch with your psychic sixth sense – which we all have but until you make that choice to open it, the connections with other worlds, angels, spirit guides, loved ones, will not be available to you. By making the decision to have this workshop, you are ready to make that journey.

Beginning with a meditation to meet your spirit guide, you are saying to the universe, I am ready and willing, which can be quite an emotional action.

Using various techniques, I guide the group to reach out and trust their instincts and connect with their intuition. Learning to trust what you see, hear, feel, can be an amazing experience and groups who have had this workshop have said it was powerful and emotional and they feel an awakening.

£120 Max 12 people = £10 each

Grief is not a Dirty Word = 2 hours OR 5 hours

This workshop has been put together using my many years as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer for Cruse Bereavement Care. It is both informative and healing. It can be broken down into 2 hours which is an informed talk intermingled with some exercises to help you understand what grief and bereavement actually is and what to expect.

The afternoon is a little more information and some relaxing exercises to help with stress and anxiety and grief. I provide all the handouts and am available for counselling if the workshop brings up any bereavement issues for you.

2 Hours = £50 5 Hours = £100

Max 12 people

Counselling sessions (appointments only) £20 (usual price £30) per hour

My life in Books – A short talk on an Author’s life = 1 Hour

My journey began with purpose in the writing world over twenty years ago, following the death of our son, Jac. I did not believe that I would survive his passing and sat for hours, staring into space or crying uncontrollably. Then, one day I began doodling, which turned into the beginnings of a story. Within hours, I had got through a day without falling apart. The award winning novel, Echoes was created that day and I’ve never looked back.

Free talk + £10 petrol

My life from Author to Narrator to Voice Actress – What a Journey!

An hour’s talk on how my life changed when I began to look into audio books. It took some time, as computers did not come natural to me, but I finally learned the Audio requirements to offer my voice narrating a variety of author’s works and a few of my own. Narrating takes almost as long to write the book in the first place!! So, I haven’t finished narrating all of my own – yet. 🙂

I was then offered a twelve book deal with In-Audio to narrate the classics of Jane Austin, Bronte, Oscar Wilde and Agatha Christie.

I found that I had a talent for various accents and so during the production of my award-winning novel, Diary of Margery Blake, I auditioned for specific characters, and was rewarded with the job. Since then, I have been offered other roles.

I encourage Q & A