Angel Healing Cards

The Angels & your spirit guides are always guarding, guiding & protecting you. They want you to be happy, a smile, travels far. 🙂

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2023 Angel Message

2023 will be a significant year for many. A year of awakening and change. Facing their fears, and doing it anyway. A time of reflection and making bold choices. A time of taking a stand against tyranny and deciding what kind of life you want to have, and with what energy – a free man/woman living life to the fullest in LOVE for self & others, for the highest good of all or exist in a low energy, a vibration that is filled with fear and hate and anger?

It is always Your choice.

Angels will never tell you your future. They guide and support you as they remember what it is you wanted to learn in this lifetime. They do not judge, or belittle you for the decisions You make. You are growing, like a tree. It flourishes and it remains still and rests, as will you in your lifetime, as you learn and move forward on your path.

The Angel Card For You


All of our blessings are bestowed upon you, dear child of this Earth. You have asked for our help and guidance, please know we have heard you and are sending this message through this woman as the answer you seek.

We know that you feel as if we have abandoned you, that is simply impossible. We never leave, we remain with you every step of the journey; however, sometimes we move away to allow you to experience something that will help you realise your own power. It isn’t easy for us to watch you harm yourself, but it is necessary for you to change that negative mind set, that negative action, thought and feeling, into a positive one.

YOU have so much to give this world.

Do not diminish your power with negativity.

Use those ‘bad days’ to raise yourself up out of your limitations, and soar.

With Love