Spiritual/Angel Counselling/Readings

I am a Spiritual Medium and a Qualified Person-centred Counsellor. I have been offering Counselling for over 14 years and have worked with a variety of issues to support the clients to find their own strength and their own truth, taking control of their own lives again. I was guided to do this by my Angels, because of the work I was doing with Spirit.

‘Catch them before they pass over…Help them release their trauma before death and they will not remain in their confused, fear induced state…’

  I have worked with angels, spirit guides and loved ones to help trapped spirit cross over to continue their journey. I investigate haunted locations and video’s of these and more can be found on my Youtube channel HERE

I offer Angel Card Readings that can be one to one on-line or if preferred, an MP3 recording can be sent to your email – both last about an hour.

During a session I shuffle cards from two different Angel card packs and instinctively stop and offer their guidance. Sometimes spirit will also come through and show me messages,  memories, photographs, pictures, representation of things that will mean something to my client. 

Every sitting is different. I never know what will happen but I trust that you will hear what you’re meant to.

Live Angel Card Reading for November 2021 = HERE

Live Angel Card Reading From December 2021 HERE


A few reviews from past clients

‘Thanks so much for this reading. My Mom & Sisters are amazed at the Gram Y contact. ‘

‘I loved mine, it is amazing!’

‘I can’t get over how much you knew! I feel such love. I don’t feel so sad now.’

‘You speak to them, I mean, really speak to them, you don’t disrespect, shout or anything, just talk!’

‘How the hell did you know that?!’ That is amazing! 

‘I loved my reading. Thank you so much!’

For an MP3 audio of your reading, please send your name & email when paying

For a one to one reading/MP3 recording/Recorded Video, contact me via  email – derwenna45@gmail.com

(1-1 is usually done on FB messenger or Skype)

My Energy Exchange is

Angel Card Reading – £50 per session – Using two decks of Angel Oracle cards I instinctively work with your Angels to offer you guidance on your life path. It is not for me to ‘see’ your future, it is to guide you to LIVE it.

Spirit/Angel Counselling sessions £100 per session lasting 1 1/2 hours – Either in person if you live in the North Wales area or online. Within these sessions I support you as a counsellor as you work through the issues that hinder you from living the life you want and using my mediumship skills, relaying the guidance from your Angels who will offer their loving energy during the session.

Person Centred Counselling – £50 per hour. 1st appointment is free (Half hour) To discuss how I can help you and be sure you are okay moving forward.

Everyone needs someone to talk to and have someone who will actively listen, support and guide you through your trauma. As a qualified counsellor of 14 years, My speciality is grief and bereavement, having worked with Cruse Bereavement Care for over nine years as a counsellor, supervisor & Training volunteers to become support workers. I am confident together we can find the path through your problems, regardless of what they are, depression, grief, addiction, abuse. My aim is to guide people through their trauma and work with them so that they can find their own power and true self within life x


Payment via Paypal @ derwenna45@gmail.com



With Love & Blessings 🙂

You can always check out my ‘Healing Card of the Week page, that comes out every Tuesday to help you in loving life.

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