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We all LOVE a good ‘Ghost Story’ and I am not one to turn away from hearing them! Being an author of the supernatural, I am drawn to the personal experiences of those who have stepped into the energy of the paranormal.

I invite you to read about the haunted locations that have caught my attention.

Conwy County of North Wales


One of my favourite places to visit is the town of, Conwy. Such a breath-taking town beside the estuary, with it’s magnificent castle and old buildings intermingled with new. Many years ago I had the joy of visiting one of the old buildings within the town, Plas Mawr, (Large Hall) a Tudor town-house which apparently dates from the 16th Century.

I was about fifteen at the time. My ‘gifts’ were not fully understood or accepted, but even to this day I can recall the overwhelming misery I felt in one particular room. So much so, that my mother came rushing towards me, concerned for my wellbeing. I could not at the time account for my instant tears and waves of extreme sadness, but asked to be taken outside, away from the ‘woman’.

I returned in my thirties, with a little more knowledge of what I could do in terms of Clairvoyance and re-connected with this lady who was so distraught. In her words, ‘I let him down.’ I could not connect with her properly as other members of the public wandered around with squealing children, but I sensed a few other people haunting the location of various era’s, and would love to return if CADW ever admit ghosts exist???!

Plas Mawr

The ‘story’ attached to this beautiful building is that a heavily pregnant wife was watching for the return of her husband when she slipped on steps and fell, causing her to go into premature labour. The doctor was called, a ‘Dr Dic’ who felt out of his depth and professed to know nothing about labour and its complications.

The panic stricken housekeeper locked him inside the bedchamber with the screaming wife, while a messenger was sent to bring the husband once he returned from his ship. On his arrival to his home, he found chaos and demanded to know the reason. The distraught housekeeper took him up to his bedchamber and unlocked the door.

The husband found his wife and child dead on the bed, but of the young doctor, there was no sign. The husband, in a fit of rage, searched the house, determined to avenge himself of this man who had fled the scene of his wife’s demise; but Dr Dic, was never found.

To this day, nobody knows what became of him.

Some believe he hid in the chimney but got stuck and suffocated. I do not know if anyone had ever investigated this story – should be fairly easy to determine? Others believe he hid, and once the coast was clear, he ran for his life, never to return to Wales.

Who knows? Yet, there are ghosts that roam this stunning building and one day, I hope to meet them properly.

Plas Mawr – Big Hall


Within this tiny village is an old church, built on ancient, Pagan ground. Thankfully, the locals had some sense and didn’t try to remove the standing stones that became a part of the cemetery, or remove the ancient Yew tree that is considered to be the oldest in Wales being around 4000-5000 years old!

Ancient Yew

There is a story attached to this site, of a spirit that returns to the churchyard every ‘All Hallows Eve’ and declare in a loud voice all those who were doomed to die over the next year. It is said some curious souls would sit beneath the window of the church and listen out for their name. Satisfied, they would return home knowing all would be well for them having not heard their name spoken.

Now, I don’t know about this one – sounds a bit mythical to me!! However, the churchyard does have an odd sensation. As I walked around it, I felt like I was walking through thick air in many places. Stagnant energy swirling around causing it harder to walk and breath. Like walking into walls at some point, and I wondered if there had been other structures?

The stones have an interesting ‘vibe’, but the Yew is amazing. Sitting within its branches is like connecting with ancient wisdom, and all things historic, right there! Well worth a visit. Hafondunos Hall is nearby. It has an open day event for the 4th June 2022 https://www.facebook.com/events/1398765240587598?ref=newsfeed

Standing Stones

Denbighshire County of North Wales

As already mentioned, I was a member of a paranormal group known as, WISP, Wrexham Investigators of Supernatural/Paranormal and we were honoured to have access to a variety of places to gain proof and to help the souls that were stuck. We were allowed to investigate this next place over a two year period and helped many spirits move on, spoke to a considerable amount of prisoners and guards and enjoyed their company!

Ruthin Goal – Ruthin

Ruthin Goal

I don’t have enough space to mention every encounter we had during our investigations or the amount of evidence we collected through camera, video, eye witness accounts, so I will mention some of the moments that affected all the group.

We were downstairs in the lower cells corridor and all the cell doors were open, including one that housed a lot of filing cabinets leaving very little space to actually get inside the cell. I was aware of someone near-by and had just mentioned it to the group when we heard a noise from within the filing cabinet cell. At which point we all turned to see a man in a dark coat and hat pass the open doorway right to left. One of the lads ran to the cell, but nobody was there. We all stood around the doorway catching our breath and trying to determine what we had witnessed. A guard? The doorway was no more than ten feet away from us all. A very interesting experience for the group.

Another occasion we were upstairs with some of the staff of the goal and we were holding an Angel board session so the group would witness the conversations I have with spirit. We met a poor soul who was so full of anguish and guilt for killing his sister. As the man of the house (father dead) it was his duty to keep the family honour, and she had become pregnant out of wedlock. He killed her to save face. Once he confessed and felt remorse, it was his sister who came for him to help his journey. Everyone was in tears, it was such an emotional moment. LOVE really is the strongest energy x

Inside the goal

Ruddlan Castle, North Wales

Ruddlan Castle

I have visited this stunning castle many times, but not for an investigation, sadly. Owned by CADW they do not believe in ghosts – apparently?

There is a story attached to this castle that involves a beautiful princess and a Knight. Erilda, the princess of North Wales, is expected to marry a prince of South Wales and unite the counties. One day she is thrown from her horse during a hunt, and is rescued by a mysterious Knight who carries her back to the castle. He introduces himself as ‘Wertwold’ the Knight of the Blood red plume.

This mysterious man gives a golden ring to Erilda and says that should she ever need him, she was to hold it and call out his name. He then takes his leave.

But the woman cannot forget this mysterious man and the night before her wedding whispers his name whilst holding the ring, and he comes to her, proposes and they flee the castle to a boat he has moored nearby. During their escape, he urges a dagger into her hand for protection. They are spotted and pursued, and as they reach the boat, Erilda feels a hand clamp onto her shoulder and in fright, she turns and stabs her assailant.

Suddenly, horror-struck, she realises she has murdered her own father. Abruptly, the handsome Knight turns from her lover to a scornful demon who kills her by stabbing the princess through the heart and throwing her body into the river. Before returning to the fires of hell.

People have witnessed a woman running, terrified through the castle and along the river. People have heard screams, groans and generally felt uneasy among the ruins.

I have spoken with an old soldier who refuses to give up his position. It is his duty to protect the castle. I have also felt a woman’s presence here, but only briefly, and have been unable to connect with her with other visitors around…So far…

Ruddlan Castle and River

Wrexham County of North Wales

Many years ago I was once a member of a paranormal investigation team, and we were asked to many locations. Based in Wrexham, it was natural for us to investigate a number of haunted locations in this area.

Valle Crucis Abbey – LLangollen

Valle Crucis Abbey

I was honoured one night to be asked to join another member of our group along with members of the public to wander these ruins one evening. I had previously had an array of experiences walking around these ruins such as hearing singing, glimpses of shadows walking among the ruins and just a sense of being watched and not wanted (which I get a lot in religious places as in their world I would be considered merely a ‘woman’ and most likely, a ‘witch’!)

This night, however, was different. The atmosphere was almost, ‘charged’ and I knew a spirit was following us around the rooms. Suddenly, I felt a shift and I felt an intense pain down my left side and shoulder. I could hear the shouts of men and feel their terror and the pleasure of horsemen as they attacked the abbey. A ‘monk’ has shown me his death. A sword from behind into his back, through his shoulder. I almost fell from the experience but was caught by my friend. I lost time for a while as I tried to fight my way back to this reality. Shocked and feeling traumatised, he took me to a nearby seat.

Since this experience, I have researched the Abbey for an article I wrote about, Bodidris Hall, LLandegla. I found out that King Henry VIII soldiers came for the wealth of this abbey and the Abbot hid a chandelier and other items which were then secretly moved to LLandegla and eventually can now be found in their church, St Tecla. I believe that I ‘witnessed’ this attack and some monks died. Whether that was due to refusing to say where certain treasures were? Who knows, but I would love to return, but it is owned by CADW who do not believe in ghosts…apparently!?

I have read of various accounts from people who have heard beautiful singing emanating from this abbey either early morning or late at night. There is a story of two preachers having been so raptured by the Latin sung so beautifully, they finally realised they were extremely late for a meeting. They found out later that the cart they had meant to use for transport and had left without them, had overturned and the men injured and killed.

Fairly recently, a woman from Wrexham spoke of when she had been walking past the abbey with her aunt late one night and she had stopped in awe at the golden light coming from within its walls with people milling about, shining golden. ‘Gosh, look at those beautiful people! It must be some kind of pageant or something in those golden costumes…’

Her aunt standing beside her had no idea what she was talking about saying, ‘the place is in darkness. What people? What light?’

Beautiful Abbey

Holt Bridge – Farndon/Holt

Holt bridge

This beautiful old bridge connects the Welsh to the English and has a lot of energy surrounding it. As with most places I am asked to visit, I prefer to go blind, ie, without doing any research so I am not influenced.

On our group arriving, I was immediately drawn to a particular area under the bridge on the Farndon side where I picked up two men sharing the spoils of robbery. Vagabonds, old soldiers, they were a pathetic pair indeed, but they were ghosts, residual memory, a stain left on the stones.

As I zoned into the energy, I heard the screams of people, and my heart began to beat faster and I wanted to run from the coming danger. I sensed soldiers, but not just of one battle, but many. There were layers of fighting, even as far back as Saxon, and coming forward to Civil war. I could feel the intenseness of it all and found it quite overwhelming.

As I walked over the bridge towards Holt, I became aware of a mother’s distress that brought tears to my eyes. It was difficult to connect as the bridge is a main road with cars regularly crossing it, so we moved to the riverside where I felt a mothers heart break. I then saw bodies, so many bodies in the water I felt quite shocked. Men, women and children floating downstream.

As this happened, I zoned into two children in particular. Not murdered by battle or accidental drowning, but murder by drowning.

I was told later about the story that two men murdered the children, by throwing them over the bridge into the fast flowing waters below. It is recorded that these children, heirs to estate in North Wales during the reign of Edward I were murdered by their guardians, John Earl Warren and Roger Mortimer who claimed the land and were never punished for the crime.

Farndon/Holt Bridge

I shall start with my own county of Flintshire in North Wales.

Bailey Hill, Mold (Yr Wyddgrug)

Bailey Hill – ancient moat and Bailey

There are many stories abound with this ancient site of a moat and bailey constructed by Robert de Montalt in the 11th century and the houses that now surround its base. A woman in white has been witnessed on many occasions walking the hill and disappears when approached. Is she the same ghost that causes varying disturbances in the houses nearby?

I doubt it. The movement of objects, doors opening and closing by themselves and shadow figures witnessed, are more poltergeist, than ghost.

Perhaps I should explain the difference?

Ghost is a non conscious energy – a re-make, a moving picture. Energy has created a shift where something reoccurs over and over, a re-enactment.

Poltergeist is energy that manifests and creates disruption. This is usually a sub-conscious energy created by teenagers, or a trauma by a living being and their angst manifests in creating a ‘poltergeist’, hence it’s name meaning, ‘angry spirit’.

A spirit, is you and me, a soul with memory, feelings, a consciousness, and it is these beings whom I communicate with and help if necessary. Ghosts can be helped by cleansing the area of the energy – breaking the cycle if you will.

Over thirty skeletons were found here during excavations for the bowling green, but they seem to have vanished! Sadly, this happened a lot in early 19th century construction, as they were seen as a delay that cost money and wages unpaid.

Lights have been seen, voices heard, an oppressive energy and cries of battle have all been witnessed throughout it’s years. Any new sightings or experience, I’d love to hear from you.

The Golden Ghost – Mold (Yr Wyddgrug)

Golden breast plate of Mold

Above is the famous golden breast plate, found during a dig in 1833just on the outskirts of Mold as they widened the road. A burial cairn was found and during the dig, artefacts and a skeleton were found that cast a light on the ghostly sightings of a man who ‘shone like the sun‘ as his clothes seemed to shine like gold. He had been witnessed on numerous occasions coming from the burial mound, and standing upon it, sometimes he was seen on horseback, and disappearing. His height was always noted as being ‘above average’ and it terrified the locals so much, that they refused to travel that way home after dark. it is recorded that one woman had a fit following her encounter with the spectre one evening, another woman became insane with fear, and a man was apparently ‘shocked into sobriety’!!!

Bryn – yr – Ellyllon has been popularly translated as ‘Goblin Hill’

This breastplate is unique, and it is incomplete as the workers took their own little bits before it could be rescued. Above is a replica, the original is on display in the British museum, much to many locals dismay.

Amongst the various items retrieved from a stone-like coffin was a ceremonial dress of bronze and sheet-gold that historians have referred to as : breast-plate, cape, cloak, corslet, peytrel and tippet. This archaeological exhibit has been acclaimed as ‘one of the largest and heaviest pieces of prehistoric gold-work so far discovered in Europe.

The unearthing of a skeleton of ‘above the ordinary stature’ from the burial prompted the scholar Dr.William Owen Pugh to hail it as the resting place of Benlli the Giant, who supposedly had a fortress at Moel Fenlli on the Clwydian Hills, and whose son Beli is reputed to be buried in Cilcain parish.

The Original Breast plate of Yr Wyddgrug

The Party Shop – Mold (Yr Wyddgrug)

Party Shop

I was honoured to have been asked to investigate this shop in 2019 due to there being an abundance of activity that the staff and shoppers were experiencing. We caught a child giggling on a recorder left in the attic and watched a locked door open by itself among many other occurrences. The audio can be found on my Youtube channel

Ghosts of a little girl and a man had been seen. Objects were moved. Black shadows were seen moving across the walls and one woman had a terrifying experience in an upstairs stock room when she turned to be confronted by a dark shadow leaning over her.

The ‘story’ that I grew up with was that a young girl was kept inside due to an illness and her pale, forlorn face would be seen from the upstairs attic window (some people swear they have seen this pale face throughout the years). One day, she died. Some say she jumped from the window, sick of being kept a prisoner, others say she died from her illness.

The window a pale face is seen looking out at the town

Pontblyddyn – Plas Teg

Plas Teg near Mold

The stories are rife around this hall and the area of ghost sightings and a multitude of paranormal experiences for a lot of people since the house was opened up for ‘ghost hunts’ and ‘Most Haunted’ filmed here.

Before that circus, there were always stories of a ghostly lady in white seen on numerous occasions in and around the hall, and since the dual carriageway was built right outside this old hall, many motorists have come forward to the police to confess of ‘running someone over’ but on investigation, no body is found.

The ghost is believed to be Dorothy, the daughter of Sir John Trevor, who built the hall around 1610. It is the old love story of boy meets girl. Father does not allow their love as the man is considered below her station. They plan to elope, but Dorothy never reaches the rendezvous. Utterly rejected, the farmer’s son hangs himself believing his love has spurned him. But, nobody knew where she was. Dorothy had disappeared.

Stories abound that her skeleton was finally found at the bottom of the well, along with jewels she had owned, and it was surmised that Dorothy had hidden her jewels for the lovers to live on. But on going to retrieve them in the dark, she had somehow slipped, and fell into the well, where she had hidden them in some nook.

I have a few problems with this story – the well would have been their source of water. Any decomposing body would have tasted foul!

Anyway, apart from that, drivers are still witnessing a woman crossing the road, swerving to avoid hitting her and crashing. There have been a number of fatalities, where no other vehicle was involved – so what were they swerving? I spoke with one woman driver who had telephoned the police, convinced she had killed a pedestrian. The poor woman was distraught, but absolutely convinced. On investigation, neither she or the police found anything.

My own experience in this house was a feeling of choking. My friend who was with me who suffers from asthma suddenly on walking into a room clung to her throat, and I dragged her back out into the corridor and she was perfectly fine. When we delved into the history, we found that the room had been used to hang criminals, in the days when the home was also used as the court.

Many orbs and figures have been caught on camera, and I look forward to returning one day to help these trapped spirits of lost love.

Plas Teg