Paula, The Grief Guru

We all experience grief at some time in our lives. Grief will be experienced a number of times, and each time will be different. The sad fact is, society doesn’t speak about it, so ‘grief guidelines’ appear that is taken as truth by so many because they will not speak the truth of their own sorrow.

Have you experienced – the time frame myth?

Grief lasts around 3-6 months (apparently) and employers expect it to disappear in much less time; usually around 3-7 days as they expect you back to work, fighting fit and at 100%.

Have you experienced – the disappearance of friends and family?

Grief affects people differently and because people have a grief perception of time and how it ‘should’ be dealt with, then if they don’t mesh, suddenly there is a rift, and energies don’t click the same and people inevitably ‘drift off’ back to their own lives…Which is ok, it’s normal to want to be around ‘life’ and not ‘death’ and grief, but it doesn’t help you, the person left behind.

Have you experienced – The brain fog mind and a body that doesn’t behave itself?

Grief affects your mind, body & spirit. It’s a shock to your system when there is a death, even if it is expected, or ‘normal’ because they lived a long and happy life. If you loved, you will grieve. Perhaps thoughts are running constantly through your mind, stopping sleep or concentration? Perhaps you feel so tired, sluggish all the time, or wound up, buzzing, needing to keep occupied? Perhaps you’re questioning your faith, your beliefs, and feel disconnected?

All of this is normal, it’s not pleasant, but you will react to this death, as you will react to the next one. You may feel feelings of guilt or shame that you didn’t cry as much as the last time you suffered grief? Maybe you feel intense anger towards the person who died, because they left you and they said they wouldn’t do that, right? You were meant to be together forever…

  • What do you need right now? Is it to talk openly & honestly with someone who knows this deep sorrow, having experienced one of the worst trauma’s a mother can ever have?
  • Are you feeling ‘stuck’ within your grief journey and want to experience a safe loving, non-judgmental space to share and explore your deepest thoughts, feelings & actions to help you move forward in life?
  • Are you feeling unsure, confused, alone on this journey and want a companion to walk with you, offering time and compassionate space to explore your options with love & honesty?
  • Are you ready to face your fear, your uncertainty, your broken heart, and begin the long road to finding YOU again, with love?
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This is my personal page on Facebook From there I can invite you into my private page for free video’s, content, free gifts and more 🙂

This private group on Facebook is for women who are ready to find their light again after experiencing any trauma; be it a death, survived an illness, a divorce or separation, the death of a fur baby, the loss of a possession, anything that brought the agony of grief. Any trauma that caused you to lose your identity, to question, who you really are?

I am a grief guru, I walk alongside you and together we explore your deepest thoughts, feelings and how you react within your grief. I have over 20+ years of experience of working with grief and trained volunteers to become grief counsellors for Cruse Bereavement Care.

Having experienced my own deep grief following the death of my son and enduring the horror of knowing the ashes they gave us were not his. Nobody believed me, until finally 3 years later, the hospital confessed they had kept him for experimenting, due to his condition and having survived in my womb for so long.

I know the agony.

I know the pain of loss.

So, what do you need?

What can I help you with?

I have 2 programmes that I offer, and each one is unique to your journey.

Deeply powerful, shifting therapies

Bespoke meditations and PDF’s,

Bespoke MP3 Empowering Mind Taps,

Deep Healing & Connecting to self sessions

Access to my Facebook Group for Women (men group coming asap)

Access to my short book on grief titled, ‘Simply…Grief’

Regular ‘check-in’s to identify any issues

A guarantee that you will not be forgotten after the programmes end. I will remain with you until you feel able to embrace life again

8 week journey of self discovery and support – Dare to Embrace Your Emotions after Death & find life again

Offers a variety of support, along with:

90 minutes of therapy a week

At least 1 bespoke therapy session guaranteed to shift deeply held beliefs and emotions

Weekly MP3 mind shifts unique to your journey

Weekly Meditations that offer relaxation, guidance & emotional adjustments

5 month journey of deep inner healing of mind, body & spirit – Embrace Life after Death & BE the Author of your own Healing

Offers a variety of support, along with:

Everything offered in the 8 week programme of love & support, followed by:

Up to 3 hours of therapy per week, whether group or one to one to be discussed

2 bespoke deeply powerful therapy sessions will be offered that guarantee an emotional shift

Weekly MP3 Mind shifts that offer clarity, support and healing for your own journey

Weekly guided meditations that allow you to dive deep into your subconsciousness and begin the healing process from within

Access to a variety of powerful therapies that offer you experiences that unlock your deepest beliefs, thoughts and actions that may hinder you from healing, allowing you to elevate your consciousness

I offer truth, clarity and freedom to explore all that you need on your grieving journey and work through it all. There is no judgement here.

So what have you got to lose?

Book your FREE call here, UK time zone FREE CALL with me and let’s have a chat about what you need from me.

“I never thought I’d smile ever again…But working with Paula made me feel whole again and build my world around my pain. She showed me that smiling and having a laugh was ok; finding joy in life was ok and releasing the guilt I felt.” PW Jump on a free call now if you’re ready.

I work with a small number of women to be fully present for every woman on her unique journey. I highly recommend my 5 month programme as it incorporates the full benefits of embracing your grief, and releasing it as you find your truth, love and happiness using your deep creativity to heal your mind, body & spirit. This is NOT about forgetting loved ones or your trauma, but learning to accept it, work with it, using it to find your own power and finding life again, however that may be for you.

Working together for a minimum of 5 months allows you to really dive deep into your grief and trauma, healing that deep wound from the inside.

NO quick fixes that don’t really work.

NO plasters and fingers crossed.

Sound good?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If not now, when is the ‘right’ time?

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If you are ready, jump on a free call with me here and let’s begin your amazing transformation…

“I was broken. I saw no end to my pain and I just wanted to hide away. Paula was patient, kind and supportive on every level. She let me cry my heart out and I never felt judged or embarrassed which was part of my issue. I would highly recommend her. JM”

” Paula was better than I expected. I must admit I didn’t have much faith in counselling after my last therapist was awful! Paula is different. She’s been in the depths of hell and clawed her way out. Her empathy and kindness and openness is what drew me to her and I’m glad I took the risk. I never thought I’d live a decent life after losing my husband, I was so angry and hurt, but she helped me release it all in a good way and now I see light at the end of that dark tunnel and my friends are happy to see and support me as I get on with living.” AT

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Grief is overwhelming. Grief is all consuming. Taking in any information can be difficult, as many clients told me during sessions. So I have put together this short, easy to read e-book to help with the necessary information, and not to overwhelm you with facts.

It is enough to know you are normal, sane and you will be okay.

Be kind to yourself.

You are enough.