Where Rivers Meet

Abigail Lloyd, is a talented, grief-stricken young artist, who returns to the Welsh village where she had spent many happy years with her beloved Nan. A home she had always felt loved and safe. A place she hoped she could begin her life again and find her own destiny; but on her return, she finds secrets that were long forgotten, locked away in an old suitcase. Secrets from her childhood that will push her beliefs to the limit.

Cain is in love with a woman he knows he can never possess. He has watched her grow into a beautiful young woman, but in his harsh world, she would never survive. He has never questioned the dark tunnel that allows him glimpses of another time, because it led him to her. It was their destiny to meet.

Set among the Welsh mountains and the ruthless reality of the 19th century copper mines where life is in the hands of the elements and injury, starvation, and death are stark reminders of the time.

‘Where River’s Meet’ is a supernatural/historical Romance


Watch this space for more glimpses of the village, Beddgelert, the mines and the tunnel.

Where Rivers Meet

Sygun Mines, Beddgelert https://www.visitwales.com/attraction/historic-site/sygun-copper-mine-516069